7 Signs You Need a New Haircut ...


7 Signs You Need a New Haircut ...
7 Signs You Need a New Haircut ...

Signs you need a new haircut aren’t that difficult to read nor do they require any chants, books, a gypsy lady with a crystal bowl or a lesson in Divination at Hogwarts! The usual ones, such as split ends, lack of volume or the fact that your layers seem to have declared a war against each other, are really easy to spot and deal with accordingly yet that’s not where the story ends! Au contraire, as Del Boy would put it, there are a few more less known signs that you need a fresh cut! And these listed below definitely fall under this last category and are something you should definitely stay on a lookout for:

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You’re out of Ideas

Same hairstyle day in, day out is one of those telltale signs you need a new haircut ASAP! And whether we’re talking about a ponytail or something more complicated such as a blowout or straight, flat ironed hair – in case that’s the only thing you ever do with your hair regardless of the occasion or season, you should definitely consider refreshing your cut.



We girls tend to compliment each other on our hair all the time! New hairstyle, new hair color, the fact that your hair looks a bit different – nothing can escape the watchful eye of your BFFs! Hey, they’ll even compliment you on the fact that your hair looks exceptionally healthy or has an interesting glow under certain light! And a sudden absence of such compliments really ought to be a red-flag. It may be hard to notice at first, especially if the compliments seem to move from your hair and focus on other things such as outfits, but you’re bound to notice it sooner or later! And the fact that nobody ever comments your hair can speak volumes if you’re willing to hear.


Your Hairstyle is a Fact, Not an Expression

Hairstyles are a form of fashion- they mark a certain period of time and can even tell a lot about different stages each person had gone through during her life. And the fact that you had that same hairstyle all the way back in high school certainly doesn’t benefit your looks, even if we’re talking about one of those evergreen styles. Ditch that security blanket and change your style ASAP, consulting a pro first to get a good idea on the cuts available to you and all the benefits you can expect if you finally decide to shake things up a bit!


The Idea Has Crossed Your Mind More than Once

Secretly envying girls or celebrities that are dynamic enough to change their cuts every few months is yet another sign that you need a fresh cut! Don’t ignore the urge- embrace it instead, regardless of how scary the thought of changing something you’re used to seems to be. Listen to that inner voice telling you it’s about time for a change and don’t be afraid to act on it.


You’re Starting a New Chapter

Every new, big change in your life deserves a hairstyle update which means that you’ll probably want to change your style a bit before you start high school or college, once you graduate and start mailing CVs or find a really promising job. A new cut can also help you turn a new leaf, regain your confidence after a long period of hardship and even inspire a series of positive changes of both emotional and physical variety! And here they say it’s just hair! Funny, isn’t it?


Your Current Cut is Not Doing It for You

A perfect haircut should match the shape of your face, point out your best features, give you that great volume in all the right places while keeping the unwanted bulk at bay. Oh, and it should enable you to look great even if you don’t happen to have a salon-worthy set of styling tools and products at hand! Not what you’re sporting at the moment? Well, that’s a great reason to start considering a different cut!


You’re Depressed

Consider a new cut the moment your old one becomes a source of bad feelings instead of one more reason to give yourself a “Hello, gorgeous!” every time you catch your reflection in the mirror! After all, a haircut is supposed to help you look better and styling it is supposed to be a joyful experience, not a reason to thank pharmaceutical industry for anti-depressants!

Recognized a sign that you need a fresh cut? Well, don’t ignore it! Treat yourself with a brand new look before the year is over and spend the next 365 days collecting all those compliments you’ve missed out on!

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I had super long hair and I cut it to the middle of my neck. My BFFs LOVED it!

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