7 Signs You Need a New Haircut ...


Signs you need a new haircut aren’t that difficult to read nor do they require any chants, books, a gypsy lady with a crystal bowl or a lesson in Divination at Hogwarts! The usual ones, such as split ends, lack of volume or the fact that your layers seem to have declared a war against each other, are really easy to spot and deal with accordingly yet that’s not where the story ends! Au contraire, as Del Boy would put it, there are a few more less known signs that you need a fresh cut! And these listed below definitely fall under this last category and are something you should definitely stay on a lookout for:

1. You’re out of Ideas

Same hairstyle day in, day out is one of those telltale signs you need a new haircut ASAP! And whether we’re talking about a ponytail or something more complicated such as a blowout or straight, flat ironed hair – in case that’s the only thing you ever do with your hair regardless of the occasion or season, you should definitely consider refreshing your cut.

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