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9 Signs That You Need a Hair Color Change ...

By Jelena

Hair color change is a huge step! It’s scary, it’s risky, it may look totally wrong…I know it all! But it also may prove totally right, help you escape a boring routine and install a fresh dose of self-confidence just when you need it most. Should you go with a hair color change? Well, let’s see!

1 Everyone’s Hair Seems Nicer than Yours

Everyone’s Hair Seems Nicer than Yours If you secretly envy or openly admire every single style you see on other people’s heads, you really need to consider either a cut or a hair color change. And don’t even try to sell me that ole “everyone’s hair is better than mine” trick – I’m not buying it! I’m absolutely sure your hair is just as great but I also believe you’ve gotten so bored of it you don’t even notice that anymore. Shake things up a bit. Go for highlights, lowlights or that subtle celebrity favorite combo of balayage and ombre – a new summer look can really work wonders!

2 You’ve Wanted to Try Something for a Really Long Time

You’ve Wanted to Try Something for a Really Long Time When you have a certain hair color in mind and you like it so much that you keep thinking about it for months or even years, you can be sure that your subconscious is actually telling you to go with it. Go get it – what’s the worst that can happen? If it’s lighter than the color you currently have you can always re-dye. Or you may actually LIKE it – how about that? Seriously, ladies, we spend so much time listing the cons when there are so many pros we ought to be focusing on instead.

3 You’re Dying for a Change

You’re Dying for a Change There are so many changes a girl can decide to make in her life and, although changing hair color probably isn’t the most life changing one on the list, it sure is a good start. Routine is like a house of cards – pull one free and more are sure to follow. Why not go with something easy, reversible and not too expensive such as hair color? It will help you feel much better and maybe even inspire the I Can Do It attitude that’s going to start an avalanche of positive, motivating changes.

4 You’re Looking for a Way to Mask Grays

You’re Looking for a Way to Mask Grays Your habit of dyeing hair black might not be an ideal one when you start having too many gray hairs you want to cover. Why not consider a major hair makeover? See a pro, ask him to lift old color then pick a hair color that’s close to your natural one with the addition of some carefully placed streaks in shades that will complement your complexion and help grays blend in. This trick is super popular in Hollywood – why shouldn’t you enjoy it, too?

5 Your Hair Color is Becoming a Burden

Your Hair Color is Becoming a Burden The hair color we wear is a free choice, it should bring us joy, makes us happy about our appearance and should be changed the moment it is no longer suitable. You can wear a particular color for years before it starts bothering you but once it does, the first signs are easy to spot. Dyeing will stop being a thrill and become a boring chore, you’ll start focusing on the negatives and think of all of those nice things you could buy with the money you spend on dyes and hair stylists. Why bother being unhappy? Change it!

6 You’re Paying Attention to Other Hair Colors

You’re Paying Attention to Other Hair Colors Every new blonde, brunette or redhead will pay attention to every other blonde, brunette or redhead. A blonde fighting yellow tone, for example, will scan every other nice-looking woman with blonde hair, looking for traces of yellow, too. It’s funny, but it’s true! Now, once you stop focusing on similar manes looking for flaws and catch yourself scanning other colors looking for pros, you can be sure a desire to change your signature look is about to follow.

7 You’ve Had the Same Color for Ages

You’ve Had the Same Color for Ages Pro hair stylists agree that dyed hair needs to be touched up at some point, pointing out that what seemed right in our twenties probably won’t fit us like a glove by mid forties. A shade that is too dark may actually add years to our pretty faces and that is something I’m sure no one wants. Right? Even natural, undyed hair may become a bit lackluster or appear thinner as we age, requiring us to visit an experienced colorist and let him or her do some of that Hollywood magic on our hair. Why resist it? Changes are good!

8 Your Hair is in Bad Condition

Your Hair is in Bad Condition I have naturally dark hair and years ago I dyed my hair light brown and got blonde highlights . As much as I loved my lighter, highlighted locks after a few treatments it no longer looked so great. My hair was dry,damaged and it actually took work to make it look healthy. It was time for me to cut off the damaged ends and stop all of the processing. If your hair is no longer in good condition, it might be time to get it cut and go back to a color that's closer to your natural color or a shade that requires less processing and give your hair a break.

9 You Have a Big Event Coming up

You Have a Big Event Coming up A big event isn't necessarily a sign that you need a hair color change, but it's a good time to consider one. Maybe you just went through a breakup, you're job searching or starting a new job or you have a milestone birthday coming up. All of these things are good reasons to take things up a notch with your hair color and refresh your look.

Is changing hair color an emotional experience for you or do you happen to be one of those super brave individuals who love a change and don’t need a lot of reasons to consider a hair makeover?

This post was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington

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