7 Unmissable Hints for Trying Bold Hair Colors ...


7 Unmissable Hints for Trying Bold Hair Colors ...
7 Unmissable Hints for Trying Bold Hair Colors ...

Have you ever thought of trying bold hair colors, but been put off by the thought of making a mistake? Or perhaps you would love a strong color but think you don't quite have the confidence to pull off that kind of look? Bold colors can look amazing, though if you don't want to make a major change there are ways of introducing color without dyeing your entire head. Here are some great hints for trying bold hair colors …

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Temporary Color

If you're scared about the commitment that permanent bold hair colors require, then try a temporary color instead. You can pick one that lasts a few washes, or a semi-permanent color. These types of dye won't give you as strong a look as permanent dye will, but will give you an idea of how the color suits you and whether you will feel comfortable with taking it one stage further.


Fake It First

A good way of trying out a strong color is to fake it with a wig. You don't have to buy or wear the wig anywhere, just get an idea of which colors suit you. Another way to fake it is to get clip-in extensions in a bright color. Then you can remove that streak of strong color just as easily as you add it, especially if you feel that it doesn't really work for you!


Total Change

When you decide to dye your hair a bold color, you can use it as an opportunity to change your look completely. Who wants to look the same year after year? Changing your hair color is a good chance to experiment with your wardrobe and appearance. Have fun allowing your inner goth or steampunk to emerge!


Try the Tips

If you're not ready to make a full color commitment, you could try "dip dyeing" the ends. This can be a great look and gives you a splash of color without going for a complete change. Or just put in streaks of color if you work in a conservative environment. That way you can hide the color by pulling your hair back or putting it in a bun.


Under Cover

This will probably require a helpful friend in order to get your hair even. It looks really cool to color the underneath of your hair and leave the top layers your natural color. Then the bold color can peep through your natural hair. This is an excellent way of getting a hint of color, as with dyeing the ends of your hair.



If you decide to go for the full change, then the way to get truly strong color is to bleach your hair first. This does give you the best color, but is not so good for the condition of your hair. So if you do bleach your hair before dyeing it, you'll need to deep condition it regularly. Also try to avoid using heated appliances too frequently, so that your hair doesn't dry out.


Keep It Clean

Any time you dye your hair, you need to be careful that the color doesn't drip anywhere. If you're doing a bright color then you need to be even more careful, unless you want a blue face or clothes! Protect the skin around your hairline with a layer of Vaseline, cover your clothes, and use old towels that you don't mind staining. It's a good idea to cover the floor and furniture as well!

Coloring your hair a bold color can look really amazing. Once you've tried it you'll probably enjoy working your way through a rainbow of colors. Your hair will probably need an occasional rest though, and you might need to cut off the processed hair every so often. Having amazing hair is so much fun though! What is the most eye-catching color you've dyed your hair?

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