7 Tips on How to Communicate with Your Hairstylist in a Clear Manner ...


7 Tips on How to Communicate with Your Hairstylist in a Clear Manner ...
7 Tips on How to Communicate with Your Hairstylist in a Clear Manner ...

How to communicate with your hairstylist is a huge and worthy question. The service your hairstylist provides is very important to you. Good communication between the two of you makes a difference between you feeling confident and attractive, as opposed to unhappy and insecure in your appearance. I can help you with this subject. With a bit of careful attention, you can learn how to communicate with your hairstylist.

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Do Your Homework before Your Appointment

When you are learning how to communicate with your hair stylist, remember that one of the best things you can do is do your homework before your appointment. Showing up unprepared and not knowing exactly what you want is a recipe for disaster. Your hair stylist can only work with the information that you give her so be sure you are giving her helpful information. Decide ahead of time what kind of cut and color you would like. This will help you to have a more successful appointment.


Take a Picture along

There is an old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words and that is true. You can sit and talk all day about something you are trying to explain, but showing a picture of the idea you have in mind can make things much clearer. This is especially true when you are trying to describe a hairstyle that you are interested in. When you show your hairstylist a picture, they have a visual aid to help them. Be sure to search out pictures of hairstyles you would like before your appointment. You can even save them to your phone, if it is easier for you.


Explain in Detail

Detail is a wonderful thing for you to use with your hairstylist. For example, rather than just saying that you would like a bob, tell them exactly how you want your bob. There are many different types of bobs and many different twists on this hairstyle, so explaining what exactly you are looking for in your cut is helpful. It is better to say too much than too little. Most hairstylists are happy when you are active in describing what you want.


When you mention you want a bob, specify the length, whether it should be symmetrical or asymmetrical, if you fancy it layered or blunt, and whether you want a fringe or not. Your hairstylist can work wonders if they understand the texture of your hair and your daily routine, as it can influence the final look. Don’t hesitate to bring pictures for visual reference, as this can mitigate misunderstandings and ensure you both visualize the same outcome. Remember, communication is a two-way street; a good stylist will ask clarifying questions to ensure they meet your expectations.


Ask Their Opinion

It is always good to keep your options open. This is true when it comes to your hair. It is your hair and you know it better than anyone, but your hairstylist knows valuable information about hair such as what cuts work best for what textures. Go in knowing what you want, but be open to your hairstylist’s suggestions. They may be able to tweak their work so it works better for you if you are open to their opinion.


Be Kind

Hairstylists have feelings. They are people just like us. So while you want to tell them what you want and don’t want, you want to be kind in your approach. Most of us form a relationship with our hairstylist over time that is not worth the risk of damaging. Even if you are disappointed with the final result, be kind in your wording. You can get your point across without damaging your relationship.


When expressing your desires or concerns, remember that your stylist's goal is to make you leave the chair feeling confident and beautiful. Use polite language and a calm tone, even when you’re not fully satisfied. Suggesting alternatives or adjustments can be done respectfully. Remember, a simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way and shows appreciation for their effort and expertise. Strong bonds with stylists are built on mutual respect and consideration.


Be Honest

It is perfectly okay to tell your hairstylist that your bangs are still too long or that your eyebrow tinting isn’t as dark as you prefer. Most hairstylists would much rather you tell them what you really think rather than leave unhappy and perhaps not return. If you are honest with them while you are still there, they can work with you to fix it for you. In addition, it is equally important to express how pleased you are when they have met your expectations. This helps them to learn exactly what style you are going for.


Explain the End Result You Are Looking for

If you have a goal for the hairstyle you are seeking, it is best to share that with your hairstylist. They can’t read your mind. Share what you want the hairstyle to do for you. Do you want soft waves or a sleek and easy to style do? Sharing what the end result you are seeking is can help them to give that to you.

If you follow these tips, you have a much higher chance of being pleased with your hairstyle. That is the goal we are all seeking! What are some tips you have learned that work great when communicating with your hairstylist?

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My hair is very curly

Sometime u even explain evetything they say ok ok sure and at the end its still wrong

I'll definitely try these tips next time I go to my hairdresser thanks a lot!

I'm a hairstylist, and I agree with this 100%. You would be surprised how many women come in and say "I don't know, what do you think?" And then you spend the entire appointment doing the consultation

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