7 Great Reasons to Stick with the Same Haircut ...

By Alison

Have you had the same haircut for years? Do people tell you that it's about time you had a new look? It can be fun to go for a change, but doing so for the sake of it can be a mistake that leads to haircut disasters. Even if you do change, you may find that you keep returning to the same cut you've had many times. There are reasons for that! Here are some great reasons why you might want to keep the same haircut …

1 It Suits You

If it suits you, then why not stick with the same haircut? Think of the stylish women who have a signature cut - they wouldn't be as identifiable if they changed their hair. Having a cut that suits you makes you feel good, and if you feel good you look even better. There's little sense in changing a good cut that works for you, when you could hate the new cut.

2 Simplicity

Keeping the same haircut can be quite liberating in its simplicity. If you go to the same stylist, they will be very familiar with your hair and know exactly how to cut it. You don't have to waste time looking at style books and trying to work out what would look good with your face shape. Instead, you head in and out in no time at all. So much better than spending ages in the salon!

3 Avoid Mistakes

We've all made the mistake of getting bored with a cut and opting for something new, only to look in the mirror and hate what the stylist has done. It's particularly annoying if you have to wait for the bad cut to grow out before you can revert to your usual style. Maintaining the same style avoids making these awful mistakes that you have to live with for what seems like years.

4 Age Limits

Lots of women cut their hair because they're "getting older" and think that they can't wear their hair long any more. But you don't have to cut your hair just because you hit 40 (or whatever age it's deemed that long hair looks wrong). A flattering style isn't always influenced by age; if your hair looks good long then having a birthday won't change that.

5 Versatility

If your hair does suit you in a longer style, and you like it that way, then it's worth sticking with it for the many style possibilities it offers. Changing your hair can mean that it's much less versatile. So if you like playing around with your hair and having lots of different looks, keep the same style. Then you can have a different look every day!

6 Practicality

Keeping the same look can also be very practical. Perhaps you don't have the time or the inclination to spend ages styling your hair every day. If so, then stick with an easy style that doesn't need much looking after. Remember that a cut that looks great on a model may not work with your hair type, so that you'll have to spend hours fixing it every day. Plus you don't have a styling team on hand!

7 Cut for Cut's Sake

Finally, if you change your hairstyle then it should be because you really want to. Don't have it cut just for the sake of it, or you're likely to wish you hadn't gone near the salon. Also don't cut it because someone tells you to. It's your hair, and if you like it the way it is then you don't need to change it.

Keeping the same style is sometimes derided as being boring and unimaginative, but it has a lot of advantages. I've tried many different cuts, but always end up returning to the same style that works very well for me. Have you ever had a really disastrous haircut?

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