7 Pieces of Wisdom to Help You Find the Perfect Hairdresser ...


7 Pieces of Wisdom to Help You Find the Perfect Hairdresser ...
7 Pieces of Wisdom to Help You Find the Perfect Hairdresser ...

Many of us wonder how to find a good hairdresser. We've all had the ghastly experience of the haircut from hell. Yet we meekly say "Yes it's fine, I love it," pay a shockingly high bill, and cry only when we're safely out of the salon. So how do you find a stylist who will give you a great haircut? Here are some tips on how to find a good hairdresser who will leave you feeling fabulous…

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Personal Recommendation

Asking for personal recommendations is a good example of how to find a good hairdresser. Friends can pass on the name of a hairdresser who they're happy with. People you know will give you an unbiased opinion on how good a hairdresser is - and you can see for yourself when they've had a great cut.


Personal recommendations come with the added benefit of trust. When you admire a friend's haircut or color, don't hesitate to ask for details about their stylist. Make sure to inquire about their overall experience, from customer service to the atmosphere of the salon. Remember, your friends know you and are more likely to suggest a hairdresser who matches your style and personality. Plus, some salons offer referral discounts, so you might snag a better deal when you mention your friend's name!


Don't Be Afraid to Change

It's often said that people are reluctant to change their hairdresser for fear of causing offence. I don't get that at all. You don't owe them anything. They're not your friend, you're paying them for a service. If you're not happy with that service you have no obligation to stay with them. Besides, they probably get so many clients that they won't realise you haven't been in for a while.


Embracing change is key—not just in hairstylists but in styles. Don't settle for mediocre due to habit. Switching up your look keeps things fresh, and a new stylist might offer perspectives that align with the latest trends and your personal growth. Plus, if a stylist truly values your patronage, they'll understand your need for change. It's your hair, your rules. Keep an open mind; sometimes the perfect match requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember, experimentation is the spice of life, especially when it comes to fashion and self-expression.


Listens to You

Have you ever wanted to burst into tears because you ask for a trim, and end up with six inches chopped off your hair? A good hairdresser listens to you carefully, and takes into account your hair type and lifestyle. They give you time to talk through what you want, and give you the type of cut that you ask for. They will also be honest and tell you when a style won't suit you.


They take the time to understand your daily routine and how much effort you're willing to put into styling. Your hairdresser should tailor their recommendations to fit your personal needs, considering factors such as hair texture and face shape. Plus, they won't shy away from giving you professional advice on how to maintain your look at home. This kind of attentive service ensures you walk out feeling confident and satisfied, not just on day one, but until your next appointment.


High Prices?

High prices don't always mean that you'll get a better cut. How often have you paid for a pricey salon and ended up really disappointed? Some of the best cuts I've had have been done by trainees. They cut very carefully and are closely supervised. The only drawback is that the process is slow, so you need to have plenty of time to spare.


While it's tempting to equate excellence with expense, true talent isn't guaranteed by a hefty price tag. In contrast, more affordable salons or stylists can be hidden gems, offering impressive results without breaking the bank. Remember, it's the skills and dedication of the hair stylist, not the salon's décor or location, that truly count. Every stylist has a unique approach, and sometimes, those at modestly priced establishments are just as passionate and meticulous about delivering the perfect hairstyle to each client. It pays to do your research and seek out reviews rather than simply judging by the price alone.


Ask a Stranger

If you see someone in the street with a fabulous haircut, ask them where they had it done. Don't be afraid to stop them; they can only say no. But more likely they will be delighted to tell you which salon they go to. It's very flattering to have a complete stranger tell you your hair looks great!

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If your hair presents a perennial challenge, look for a salon or stylist that specialises in your type of hair. This is particularly important for women with afro or curly hair. If you want something like chemical straightening, do look for a stylist who is experienced in these techniques. As with a cut, a good stylist will also sit down, talk the procedure through with you, and advise you if your hair is unsuitable.


Updates Skills

Finally, a good stylist will continually update their skills, no matter how experienced they already are. New techniques and products are constantly coming onto the market, and a stylist who takes their craft seriously will always be willing to learn more. Even after years in the trade, a stylist can need to brush up on techniques they haven't used recently.

Even when we find a stylist we're really happy with, chances are that she or he won't be cutting your hair for a lifetime. You're likely to have to hunt for a good stylist several times in your life. Finding a great hairdresser can be like winning the lottery! The state of our hair has such an influence on our confidence that a bad cut can be quite depressing. Conversely, a fantastic cut makes us feel confident, attractive and ready to take on the world. What was the worst hair experience you ever had?

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I just tried an academy lol, she was looking for my bangs to blow dry and said to me, "ok where is your fringe" HA! The last 3 ppl to do my hair have been oblivious to what bangs are, I thought that was a given.

I asked for a trim and walked out with hair like one of the beetles not a good look

My worst hair experience had a trim and walking out with most of my hair gone. I have really thick hair which i love and because I do a lot of blow out my hair was suffering for heat damage. I went to my regular hairdresser and told them that i had dead hair on the back of my head that I wanted to be trimmed of. Even before they started they got into an argument with another hairdresser I should have taken that as sign. I came out with a horrible layers haircut that does not go with my hair texture and that alway need minimum of an 1hr and 30 mins to style its been a year and my hair hasn't evened out by now.Though after that horrendous incident I have not stepped into that salon ever.

Me being a hairdresser I can tell you if you don't feel comfortable just don't get your haircut or colored or styled if it feels uncomfortable it's not the right hairdresser for you

Be the daughter of one! Like me lol

When you're hairdresser knows exactly what to do without you telling her, you have the right one

Someone put my curly hair in a ponytail and cut it.... I looked awful for a year

as a veteran hairstylist, I fully concur.

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