11 do It Yourself Ways to Fix a Dye Job Gone Wrong ...

The ways to fix a dye job Iโ€™m going to share today are a lifesaver and a must-try in case youโ€™re not afraid to experiment with your hair! Yes, I know, messing with already messed up hair is risky, but honestly, so is running off to get your color corrected by the first stylist you run into! And if you canโ€™t find a stylist you trust or simply feel like you could do a color correction on your own, you are more than welcome to help yourself with some of these following tricks for fixing a bad dye job.

1. Brassy Tones

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Use: Ash Toner/Dye
One of the easiest ways to fix a dye job and a lifesaver any blonde would recommend, an ash toner or ash dye is something you should buy before you decide to lighten your hair. Cool ash neutralizes warm brassy tones and is a rather fool-proof choice in case you need a fast, budget-friendly, DIY fix for a color that โ€œshould have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.โ€ Toner wonโ€™t damage or further lighten your hair while a choice between medium, light or very light ash blonde could help you both lighten and tone your hair to a desired shade.

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