7 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer ...


7 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer ...
7 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer ...

If you’re going to color your hair, which I’ll admit is a nice luxury sometimes, then be sure you’re aware of the absolute best ways to make your hair color last longer. When I used to color my hair in high school, I wish I had known these tips. Instead, I bought either cheap hair dye, or didn't take care of my strands in between use. Now, though I don't color my hair at the current moment, I at least know of what I need to do if I start again. These ways to make your hair color last longer won’t only help you keep your hair fabulous 24/7, but will also keep you from having to color it too often, which causes serious damage to your strands and your wallet!

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Get the Good Stuff

One of the most obvious and super-effective ways to make your hair color last longer is to buy a good brand, or go for a professional treatment. In other words, don’t buy the cheap stuff for $6 at your corner drugstore and expect super lengthy results. In the long run, you might have to spend extra dollars, but hair color is one area it will pay off. The more expensive color will stay vibrant longer, and you’ll probably only need touch-ups every 8 weeks, instead of every 4 weeks like most drugstore brands provide.


Select a Close Shade

One tip for making your hair color last longer is to decide how often you’re willing to touch up your roots. If 8 weeks is more your thing, versus 4 weeks, then be sure to select a shade closer to your natural hair color, or go with subtle highlights. This will lengthen the amount of time that your hair color lasts, and help you avoid spending tons of money for more frequent touch-ups.


Prepare Your Hair

One tip that one of my hairdressers told me one time was to deep condition my hair up to a week before my color appointment. When I asked her why, she explained that it helps hair color “grab” onto your strands better. Moisturized hair is healthier, and the color will adhere better to hair that it can “soak into” versus dry hair, where it might barely soak into the surface of the strands and not last as long. It could also fade easier on dry hair, so be sure to soak your hair in a good oil treatment or a deep conditioning treatment at least three times a week, one to two weeks prior to coloring. As a bonus, it will also help hair be less prone to breakage during your color session.


Use the Right Products

One simple tip you can try to make your hair color last longer is to buy shampoos and conditioners that enhance color. You’ll find all sorts of color supportive products on the market, depending on the shade of your color. Buying these is a good investment, though some can be pricey. Your hair is pretty fragile the first few weeks of color, so these color-enhancing products can make a big difference in the long haul, and enhance the length of time in between touch-ups.


Let Your Hair do Its Thing

Washing your hair less in between touch-ups is a great way to keep it moisturized and keep the color lasting longer. The natural oils from your hair will help keep it soft, and since anyone’s hair is dryer after coloring, it will actually enhance the health of your hair versus washing it all day.


Keep Conditioning

You’ll need to keep conditioning your hair even after it is color treated, not just before. If you’re not currently using a natural-based conditioner, consider starting now. Chemical-laden products will only disrupt the lasting effects of your hair color, preventing it from giving you the most from your money. Try deep oil treatments, or buy more heavy-duty conditioners.



One amazing tip to make your color last longer is to use a hair product with SPF included in it. Your hair is majorly damaged by UV rays in the sun and you should be using SPF on your hair just like you do your skin. The sun can fade hair color and make it dry, which weakens color as well. You can find products in drugstores that are pretty effective, or buy one at your salon.

Taking care of your hair color doesn’t have to be too difficult or expensive. Just following these basic steps will help you cultivate long-lasting effects each and every time you color your hair. If you're a dedicated hair color fan, how do you keep your color lasting longer?

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This article couldn't have been written at a better time. Im thinking of dying my hair n ill be sure to use these tips. I don't wanna waste my money.

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