15 Curling Iron Tricks to Try to Keep Your Curls Perfect ...


15 Curling Iron Tricks to Try to Keep Your Curls Perfect ...
15 Curling Iron Tricks to Try to Keep Your Curls Perfect ...

I've always had a lot of problems with finding curling iron tricks that I can actually use. I am horrible with a curling iron – seriously girls, I couldn't use one for the life of me! Now though, I've mastered the iron because I followed these particular curling iron tricks that are so easy to do and easy to follow! If you have a ton of problems using your curling iron, take a look at my tips below! They do work!

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Decide What Size You Need

Now, the size of the curling iron is all going to depend on exactly what type of curls you want and what look you are trying to achieve. This was honestly one of the biggest curling iron tricks that I had no idea about! I thought I could use my small little curling iron for everything! If you want big, beachy waves, you need a big curling iron barrel; if you want small, tight curls, a small barrel will work best!


Know the Material of the Curling Iron

Knowing the material of your curling iron is crucial since it has a major effect on the outcome of your curls. For example professionals prefer to use ceramic or tourmaline irons. Ceramic curling irons evenly disperse the heat through your hair while tourmaline irons lock in moisture. There are also irons made of gold and titanium, that are great for producing heat and fighting against frizz. However the worst type of curling irons are those made of chrome. You can find them in your local drugstore for a low price, but they can greatly damage your hair and leave frizz!


Heat It up

The heat is another something that really matters! You don't want a curling iron that is too hot or too cold, you want it just right. That means that you've got to find the right temperature for your hair so that it won't look overworked and it'll still hold the amazing curl!


Brush Your Hair

Before doing anything to your hair, make sure to remove any knots or tangles beforehand. This will not only give you an easier time curling your hair, but you would be able to achieve the look of clean and distinct curls! Avoid skipping this step because a small detail such as this, can have a great effect on the final look.


Prep Your Hair for Styling

Prepping your hair is so, so important whenever you are trying to curl your hair. You don't want to use a ton of product in there, but you also don't want to not use any. Curling serum and even some hairspray, as long as it has a flexible hold, make an ideal combination of styling products! Do you have any products that you use when you're curling your hair?


Divide Your Hair up

The most important thing that I found when I was trying to curl my hair was that I was doing too much hair at a time! That means, you've got to divide your hair up and make sure that you don't have too much in the barrel! Just only curl a small bit of your hair at a time, that way you can get the most out of your curls!


Light Spritz of Hairspray

Remember when I mentioned the products? Well, you don't need a lot of hairspray, but a small amount will help keep your tresses curled up to perfection! For me, I use a little Herbal Essences hairspray that has a flexible hold, so that my curls still are bouncy and beautiful!


Wrap Section around the Barrel

You want to wrap your hair around the barrel and tuck the end inside the trap of the curling iron, that way you'll avoid getting the 'crimp' in your hair when you are curling. Remember, just be careful with it and practice does make perfect! The more and more you do this, the better.


Don't Curl when Damp or Wet

Finally, it is better that you don't curl your hair when it is damp or wet. It can sizzle the ends of your hair and make it look like your hair is fried and unhealthy versus beautiful and shiny! The same goes for straightening your hair! You don't want to ever do it when your hair is wet or damp!


Pin Your Curls

If you have extremely long hair or just want to get bouncy curls, try to pin every strand of hair after curling it in a curled position. This way your curls won't loose its shape before your are done curling all of your hair and they won't get weighed down.



If you want to give your hair more dimension and volume, you have to follow a certain technique while curling. Start with curling the strands in the front away from your face, curl the next one toward your face and repeat. Curling your hair this unconventional way will not only give you more volume, but also give an interesting look.


Lightly Comb Hair

Most of the time after you have finished curling your hair, your curls might appear too tight and sheep-like. Therefore it's important to lightly go through your hair using your fingertips to loosen up the curls and achieve more of natural look, if that is what you are going for. Avoid brushing your hair with a regular brush, since it can get rid of your curls completely.


Lasting Curls

If you really want your curls to last a long time, be aware that curling your hair works better on a day old hair instead of freshly washed locks. If your hair is too clean your hair won't be able to hold the curl as well, but if you must wash your hair beforehand spray dry shampoo all over for more grip!


Natural Curls

One of the best ways to get natural looking curls is by using two different sized curling irons with no clamp. You may notice that natural curls are never uniform, so adding variety of size to your curls will help you achieve that look. Moreover, clamps often leave unnatural dents in your hair, but clampless irons give more of a natural feel to the curls.


Clean Your Hot Tools

After curling your hair and using styling products, you might notice a lot of product buildup on your curling iron. This is something you must avoid! After every use try to clean off your styling tools from the product residue. This will enable your curling iron to last a long time, evenly spread heat through your hair and leave your hair with a healthy shine!

So, these are just a few of the curling iron tricks that I've learned from trying to curl my own hair. Do you have any more that you use all of the time? Share 'em!

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omg i needed this article! thank you! I need to practice curling for homecomingand i need to find some shoes! i have no clue what to wear for shoes haha

I also find the the curls last longer on natural hair (no straightener or heating prior to curling), and a bit or hairspray always helps!

Would this also apply if you want to straighten your hair?

Thanks a lot!!!.. I need some practice for make my iron curls.. Im a disaster lol


I find curling with my straightener way easier!

I'd call myself a pro, I already knew 90% of the info. But I like the tip about the products

Great article! I find using a clipless curling iron the easiest and fastest for waves and curls. The Karmin Salon Pro Clipless Curling Iron is amazing and has a tapered barrel for all sizes of curls.

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