7 Ways to Deal with Hard Water on Your Hair ...


7 Ways to Deal with Hard Water on Your Hair ...
7 Ways to Deal with Hard Water on Your Hair ...

With all of the different ways to deal with hard water on your hair, which ones are right? I know that I grew up with a lot of hard water in the areas I was living, and it's horrible on your hair! It can make your hair super frizzy, more damaged and just have it look like you are having a bad hair day – most days! So, what ways to deal with hard water on your hair are out there? Take a look below – I've got the top 7 tips!

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Clarifying Shampoo/Conditioner

You know how when you get into a pool with chlorine and you wash your hair out with clarifying shampoo and conditioner? Well, this is the same premise! Just get yourself some clarifying shampoo and you'll be seeing better hair days in no time at all! This is absolutely one of the best ways to deal with hard water on your hair!


Add in Vodka to Shampoo

Okay, this one is a little strange, right? But – it works! Just keep a little vodka in your shower (squeeze bottle!) and add your shampoo – lather up and then add in some vodka. Vodka will counter the hard water and will actually remove all of the hard water minerals in your hair. You can also just add a shot glass worth of vodka right into your shampoo and shake it on up if you want to go with that!


Shower Head Filter

This is a huge, huge one that I think you should do regardless of hard water. Filtered water on your hair can make it so much better and will leave your hair super soft and shiny! The shower heads aren't that expensive either and you can find them at Home Depot!


Chelating Shampoo

All right, so you are probably wondering exactly what chelating shampoo is, right? Well, this will actually prevent and remove all of the mineral build-up in your hair. With this particular shampoo, it will strip out all of the good stuff though. However, it will leave your hair super shiny if you only use it once a week. You can find chelating shampoo at Ulta; KMS California Hair Stay Clarifying Shampoo with Chelating agent is one of my faves!


Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

This particular rinse is amazing to make sure that your hair is in check and that all of the build-up is out of it. Just about a cup of apple cider vinegar should do it and you use it to rinse the conditioner out of your hair. It's a little smelly, but it does work. Trust me – do this only about twice a week.


Argan Oil Afterwards

Argan oil is one of those oils that will leave your hair super shiny, totally amazing and it will moisturize your dry hair. Remember, hard water can leave your hair super dry and frizzy, this will tame the hair down and leave it in the best condition in the world!


Lemon Juice

Finally the last hard water tip that I have all revolves around lemon juice. All you need is just a squirt or two when you are in your shower after you shampoo but before you condition to get a lot of the hard water minerals out of your hair. It works!

These are just a few of the tips that really do work when you are looking for tips that deal with hard water and how it affects your hair! Do you have hard water problems? Do you think that these will help?

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What exactly is hard water?

Hard water is water that has a high concentration of minerals and metal complexes in it. In areas that have hard water, you can see limescale (it looks like white chalk) deposits... It's not good for your hair, but it's usually not poisonous. Hope that helps :)

can you post examples of some clarifying shampoo/ conditioner?

You can tell if you have hard water by the calcification build up on either your kitchen sink or bathroom sink. It is water with a high mineral content. Also a clarifying shampoo is a bit stronger than a regular sulfate shampoo due to the fact it is meant to strip your hair of all oil and product buildup. You can google it to see pics but a lot of companies carry one�

Whats hard water?

Wow all of these help. I live in Texas and the water in my town is harsh on my hair! Defiantly checking all these out!

What is hard water?

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