7 Tips for Damaged Hair ...


7 Tips for Damaged Hair ...
7 Tips for Damaged Hair ...

If your lovely tresses are super stressed out, then a few simple tips for damaged hair may be all you need to set you on the right track for lovely locks this summer. These tips for damaged hair can also help you prevent damage this summer when the sun’s rays start to dry out your hair and make it more prone to breakage. Keep these tips for damaged hair in your back pocket and you’ll always have an emergency plan at your fingertips when you hair starts to look a little less than lovely.

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Use Less Heat

I know most of us girls are addicted to our straight irons, curling irons and hot rollers, but one of the most important tips for damaged hair is to give your hair a break and use less heat! Try starting out using no appliances just once a week. Pick a day where you aren’t super picky about who sees you with your hair less than perfect and just enjoy your hair in its natural state. Work up to not using appliances twice a week, and if you dare, more days a week. If you’re really brave, let your hair air-dry or at least dry it just a few minutes instead, just to give it a head start on air-drying naturally. Dry hair hates heat and it will start to break faster, preventing it from healing.



After you’ve reduced the amount of heat to you hair, be sure you also repair it with the right kind of moisture. You don’t have to coat your hair with mayonnaise, eggs and olive oil if you don’t want to either! Those methods are popular, but can be messy, inconvenient, and have you washing your hair in excess to remove the products, which can damage it more. Instead, shampoo as normal and use a heavy moisturizing product. This will coat your hair evenly, and allow it to moisturize efficiently without soaking it in oil. If you have time, apply an Argan oil moisturizing conditioner, and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Do this three times a week if possible.


Shampoo Less

I used to hate not shampooing my hair each day, but finally realized how much it was hurting my hair. So, now, on my days off of work, I don’t wash my hair unless I’ve been outside sweating in the heat all day. Skip your shampoo on your days off and just condition your hair, and let it dry naturally. Even better, skip conditioning at all, and just let your natural oils do their thing. My hair is not only shinier now since dropping three shampoo days a week, but also longer!


Use the Right Brush

Using a brush with bristles that tear your hair will only worsen your stressed out tresses. I prefer to use a brush with that has little rubber balls on the end of each bristle so that they don’t tear my hair. I find that using boar bristles on my already thick, dry hair seems to break my hair further. I also recommend using a special detangle comb that you can get at your drugstore or beauty supply store, which is specially designed to prevent further damage.


Try Coconut Oil

Okay, so I know I said you don’t need to put oil on your hair to moisturize it, but coconut oil is an exception. Coconut oil’s fats are unique in the fact they don’t soak through your hair so much that you end up with a goopy mess. I simply rub coconut oil all over my hands in a small amount, as if I was moisturizing my hands, and then pull both hands back around my hair like I’m pulling it up in a ponytail, and grab the ends first. This allows me to coat the ends of my hair, which are the most dried out, with just enough oil to moisturize my hair, but not weigh it down. It also gives hair an excellent shine! After doing this twice or so, rub your hands dry. This small little action has made a big difference in moisturizing my hair and preventing the need for hair serum.

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Purge the Products

For a month or so, try not using any styling gels, hairspray or mousse. If you put any product on your hair, it should only be a moisturizing treatment or heat protection spray. Gels, hairsprays and mousses are full of chemicals that dry your hair out. The more natural, the better. If this means wearing your hair a different way for awhile, then so be it! Never estimate the classy simplicity behind a loose low ponytail, which can be a great way to wear your hair while it heals.


Eat Well

Sorry to burst your bubble, but diets ruin your hair. Your body needs ample amounts of protein and healthy fats to heal and continue to be healthy. Hair is made up of proteins that keep it strong, long and resistant to damage, while healthy fats keep your hair shiny, moisturized and gorgeous. Be sure to include lean proteins and healthy fats each time you eat. Your hair, and your body, will thank you!

I also recommend washing hair at night and sleeping so it has time to condition before you style it or apply any heat in the mornings. This at least gives your hair a break from concentrated damage and lets the moisturizers you use set in longer, since applying heat from appliances right after drying can damage your hair more than if you wait awhile. Hair is more porous and susceptible to styling damage after drying than any other time. By letting it rest for awhile, your naturals oils will help protect your hair. What are your tips for damaged hair?

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Perfect . The advise

When you put coconut oil In your hair do you put it in when your hair is wet or dry?

trims help the hair! get rid of those dry ends and let your hair grow healthy.

Thank you

Also, letting conditioner sit on the hair in the shower for 5 minutes (while the water is hot, the steam opens the cuticles of the hair to absorb more moisture, but don't let the scorching water touch the hair). Finish off with icy cold water to rinse- this SEALS the moisture into the hair.

I started my hair journey over a month ago...no heat whatsoever, deep condition weekly in between cool washes, lots of coconut oil and 10 thousands mil of biotin and lots lots of water.

my hair produces wayy too much oil every single day. So I have to wash it every single day, do I continue or? I have super thick hair I guess that's why hahaha.

When you put coconut oil you should probably put it before you take a shower because it can make your hair Greasy if you put it after you shampo

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