7 Reasons to Go to a Salon to Get Your Hair Styled ...


7 Reasons to Go to a Salon to Get Your Hair Styled ...
7 Reasons to Go to a Salon to Get Your Hair Styled ...

Reasons to go to a salon might not be on top of your list of priorities during these economically-challenging times. Furthermore, if you’ve already invested in a handful of pro tools and products and learned how to do your hair at home, you may not have any reasons to go to a salon. There are, however, some situations in which you really should reconsider your decision to switch to home-styling and let yourself get pampered and groomed by a pro. But wait… why go to a hair salon when you can get it done at home? Well, here are a few reasons you won’t be able to dismiss easily.

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Because It’s a Part of the Package

No self respecting stylist would ever give you a hair cut, then let you leave with messy hair. He might choose to finger style it only (presuming your hair texture calls for it) or give you a full blow out (my stylist does this for me when it’s cold outside because it’s quicker and much better looking that frizzy, blow-dry curls). Some use less styling products, others go all the way out but one thing is for sure – you won’t leave any hair salon looking half-done, even if you’ve just dropped by for a cut. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought this is one of those great reasons to go to a salon even when I’m bored or inclined to think postponing a cut for another month or so might not be such a bad idea. You come in for a cut, come out looking photo ready – how cool is that?


Because You Can Learn a Lot

Watching the stylists work on your hair could help you add an interesting trick or two to your own styling regimen, plus you can always count on product and cut suggestions and know they are as pro as they get. I’ve learned a lot of fascinating facts about my hair type by conversing with my stylist in Serbia, while my stylist in Greece happens to be married to a guy in the similar line of work (he imports products and tools for hair salons) and therefore has products that are quite difficult to find elsewhere. She knows her products amazingly well, too, and has always managed to come up with some of the best suggestions ever! It’s a bit freaky to realize other people can know your own hair better than you do, but hey, that’s just what trained pros do! And cutting them out of your life could mean you’re missing out on a lot of cool information.


Because It’s Relaxing

Why go to a hair salon when you can get the same (or at least similar) thing done at home? Well, although this way of thinking will save you plenty of cash, you might want to reconsider it for special occasions! Trust me, fixing your own hair can be quite a burden when you’re nervous, and there’s always a chance that something will go wrong. Now, a hairstyle gone wrong is not that much of a big deal if we’re talking about a regular party or some relative’s wedding, but it is quite disastrous if the wedding/party/prom in question is yours! Getting your hair styled professionally will help you have plenty of free time to do your nails and makeup, get dressed without the mess and fuss and even pose for a few photos in the process.


Because It’s Foolproof

Your special occasion hairstyle needs to be absolutely perfect! But that’s not all – it needs to continue looking amazing all day or night long. A pro stylist will know how to make that happen even if your hair isn’t very cooperative, allowing you to rock the long-wear hairstyle of your dreams even in a hot and humid environment. Now, I’m not saying that a DIY can’t help you have professionally styled hair, of course, merely pointing out that special occasions are one of those times when you should consider relying on a skilled pro rather than taking things into your own hands.


Because It’s Good for the Economy

Stylists are normal, hard-working people, just like you and your family. They earn money styling other people’s hair or earn nothing if no one makes an appearance that day. If a hairstylist has no customers, he’ll go out of business and struggle to survive, buying only the most necessary things. That, of course, means all other people who used to have the stylists as a customer will earn less and maybe go out of business as well. Domino effect, that’s what it is. Now, I know that it doesn’t have to be your concern and you know I’m always advising you to do a lot of stuff on your own, but once in a while, you can allow yourself to just sit back, relax, enjoy those one of a kind hair salon gossips while your hair is being made up celebrity style. Why not?


Because It Lasts Super Long

A pro blowout is not a laughing matter! Seriously, I’m talking anti-frizz products, blow drying technique that makes your hair smooth and shiny but full of volume as well , tons of brushes that allow even the most stubborn and shortest of hairs to be styled to perfection, plus a powerful pro blow dryer. Getting all of these and learning to blow dry your hair like a pro is not only financially exhausting but time-consuming as well. Trust me, I’ve been styling my own hair since I was 17 and I’m still not that good. Plus, now that I’ve given away my pro blow dryer, I can really see the difference between pro and commercial use tools. Professionally styled hair holds its shape until you decide to wash it and really pays out if your washes are three to four days apart.


Because It Leaves You Free to do Other Things

I know a lot of women who get their hair styled on Monday, rock their blowout until Wednesday or Thursday, then wash and put their hair into a bun or a chignon to get them through the last day or two. It does mean one extra cost each week but also makes getting ready for work each morning a whole lot easier. I also try to book my appointments on days when I’m sure I’ll be going out or doing something that requires a hairstyle, and those happen to be the only times when I don’t have to rush other things and get to have a lot of fun experimenting with my makeup or trying out a few outfits before settling for the best one. Not a bad reason to go to a salon, you’ll agree.

Being able to style your own hair like a pro is a skill that will definitely come handy more than once, although I truly believe a girl should allow herself some pampering from time to time. What do you think? Are you a frequent guest at your favorite hair salon or a “why go to a salon when I can be my own stylist” type of gal?

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