7 Tips on How to Fix Your Hair after a Workout ...


7 Tips on How to Fix Your Hair after a Workout ...
7 Tips on How to Fix Your Hair after a Workout ...

If you’re tired of taking a shower after every exercise session, check out these seven tips on how to fix your hair after a workout, without washing it! These tips are easy and quick, especially if you don’t feel like hitting the shower right after your workout. Plus, a shower may not always be necessary. So, go ahead and use these tips on how to fix your hair after a workout whenever you’re feeling lazy!

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Throw Your Hair into an up-do

This may be the easiest and best tip on how to fix your hair after a workout. If you’re only heading to class or to the supermarket, there’s no need to spend a long time fixing your hair after your workout. Just throw your hair into a regular ponytail, bun or braid and head out the door. Voila!


Comb Your Hair

Working out causes your hair to get tangled and sweaty, so take a moment to brush or comb your hair. Take it out of the ponytail, shake it loose and comb through it gently, making sure to get out all of the knots, snares and tangles.


Spritz Your Hair with a Water-Based Hair Gel

The hair gel will help make your hair easier to style. It will also make your hair softer. Spray the top of your hair five to six times to get the full effect of the spray and cover your whole head.


Use a Blow Dryer & a round Brush

Take a section of your hair and wrap it around a round brush. Then, hold the blow dryer behind your rolled-up hair and dry for about ten seconds per section. You may also counter the flatness of your hair by pulling the hair you have rolled onto your brush forward in order to lift the roots. This will also help dry up any nasty sweat residue from your workout.


Let the Hair Cool off

Turn off your hair dryer and put it aside. Then, let your hair stay rolled up on the round brush to cool off. Once the hair is cool, unravel the strands with your fingers. This will make sure your hair keeps it’s bounciness. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you do all of your hair!


Add More Bounce!

In order to add more bounce, pick up your hair dryer again and use it on the ends of your hair strands. Hold the dyer about six inches away from your hair and flick your wrist back and forth, directing the airflow to the bottom of your strands. This adds a bit of swing to your look!


Tousle Your Hair

Run your fingers through your hair to give it a last minute fluffing! If your hair needs an added blow dry because it’s still a bit damp, go ahead and finish blow drying fully.


Add Some Product

If you’re going out somewhere special, add some hair spray to keep your look in place. You may add a headband or some other hair accessory as well. Now, no one will know that you were at the gym at all that day!

So, ladies, now you don’t have to spend the extra time taking a shower after your workout. You can just do a few simple steps featuring a blow dryer and a round brush and be ready to go out the door in a matter of minutes. Will you be trying these tips to fix your hair after a workout? How do you spruce up your look after your exercise session?

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This advice is only geared to non ethnic women BOO

Love these. I have to shower but sometimes wash just my front inch or so back of hairline. Otherwise it's 45 minutes to blow dry my hair.

Dry shampoo!!

Yeeah I normally shower after working out.

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