7 Tips to Reduce Hair Static in Winter ...


7 Tips to Reduce Hair Static in Winter ...
7 Tips to Reduce Hair Static in Winter ...

Ever wonder how to effectively reduce hair static? Well when the dry winter weather leads to out of control static, you’ll now know various ways to manage your mane. It is paramount to keep your hair healthy and moisturized throughout the winter months to reduce hair static. Here are ways to prevent the floating halo effect that static causes and save you when you’re in a pinch.

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Deep Conditioning & Hot Oil Treatments

Do these on the regular. It is the best way to prevent and reduce hair static. Dry hair is prone to static in the winter months because of the lack of moisture in the air. Hot oil and deep conditioning treatments can provide your hair with proper hydration and will leave your hair super soft. If your hair is on the greasy side, concentrate the treatment on the bottom half of your strands, focusing on the dry ends.


Leave-in Conditioner

Douse hair with an even coat of leave-in conditioner after gently towel-drying. This helps to boost the moisture in your hair and seal it in before you dry it. Leave-in conditioner is generally a good idea if you blow-dry or use hot tools on a daily basis, as it will limit the damage caused by constant styling.


Argan Oil

Add argan oil to your hair-care routine! It has so many wonderful benefits and it smells amazing. After blow-drying your hair, warm up a dime-size amount of argan oil in your hands. Spread it through your hair to moisturize your locks and smooth them down. It will give you a healthy boost of shine and prevent further static.


Hairspray & Hair Gel

If you don’t usually use hairspray to style your ‘do, you might want to start. A light dusting of hairspray will hold hair down and help it to adhere to other strands. Hair gel is just as effective, but make sure to use a very tiny amount to avoid the crunchy look.


Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are meant to get static out of clothing and are the best trick for removing any static from your locks. Run a sheet over your strands and voila! Dryer sheets are something that you can slip into your purse to keep on hand for static emergencies. As an added benefit, your hair will smell great.


Liquid Fabric Softener + Water

This works similar to a dryer sheet, but it’s easy to go overboard. A few spritzes are all you need; otherwise, it can make your hair a little greasy. Sparingly add drops of liquid fabric softener to a spray bottle filled with water and shake to blend. It helps to spray onto a brush to evenly distribute the mixture and counteract any static that may be on the brush. In addition, you can spray some of the mix onto your clothes to stop clothing static from transferring onto your hair.



Use hand lotion when you’re in a pinch. It works just as well as other methods, but sometimes all we have on hand is lotion. Since a lot of moisturizers are heavy, only apply a dime size amount and run your fingers through your hair. It’s OK to repeat if necessary until the static is at bay.

Hopefully these steps will help to get rid of pesky static! Which of these worked best for you? Let me know if you have any other tricks on how to reduce hair static.

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Perfect timing! Winter here I come!

I keep a can of static guard and spray a small amount and it helps and last forever!

I use lotion all the time! I carry it around in my backpack, so I always have it on hand.

I'm so glad you posted this. Thank you!

This is a great advice but it came too late

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