7 Helpful Tips for Going No Poo ...

By Lisa

Have thought about forgoing traditional shampoo and looking up some tips for going no poo? "No poo" is a term used to describe the gentle cleansing of hair without using commercial shampoos that can dry or damage your hair. Yep, you can use natural ingredients to cleanse your hair without all the sulfates and chemicals that are in so many shampoos these days. Keep reading more to get some helpful tips for going no poo!

Table of contents:

  1. prepare
  2. pick
  3. mix
  4. condition
  5. exfoliate
  6. adjust
  7. be patient

1 Prepare

Before we get into the actual tips for going no poo, let’s prepare ourselves for what to expect. For the first two weeks, your hair will probably be very greasy and it’s okay. This doesn’t mean you have to wash your hair more frequently; in fact, you can decrease the frequency of how often you wash your hair. Your hair and scalp are just readjusting to the new routine. Feel free to wear your hair up in a bun or ponytail while your hair adjusts during this time.

2 Pick

Typically when you go no poo, you swap shampoo for baking soda and conditioner for apple cider vinegar. Some people prefer to still use commercial conditioner and use a natural alternative to shampoo. There’s no right or wrong way and you might have to experiment before you figure out what works best for you.

3 Mix

Now for our natural no poo shampoo! Combine about a tablespoon or two of baking soda with just a small amount of water to make a paste and stir it until it dissolves. Jump in the shower and apply this mix to your hair, focusing on the roots. This mix won’t lather up but should leave a smooth, clean feeling. Make sure you rinse well and get ready for conditioner.

4 Condition

This next no poo tip is how to condition your hair. As previously mentioned, you can use regular conditioner, but using apple cider vinegar is a fantastic natural alternative. Grab 1 cap full of ACV and mix with a cup of water. Work this mixture all over your hair or just the ends and rinse well. You can also add a few drops of essential oils if you like.

5 Exfoliate

While you’re going through the no poo transition, your scalp might feel itchy or it might have a lot of build-up. You can easily remedy the situation by exfoliating your scalp! Combine 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 2-3 tablespoons of brown sugar and slowly apply to your scalp in a circular motion. This will help shed dead skin cells and help invigorate your scalp!

6 Adjust

Once you get in the groove of things, you might find that you want to adjust the amount of baking soda or apple cider vinegar you use. Everyone’s hair is different so don’t feel like you have to stick to the suggested amounts here and feel free to experiment. You can also make your no poo mixes ahead of time and store it in a bottle.

7 Be Patient

The last no poo tip is to be patient. Patience is key if you want to make the no poo method work, because you’re probably going to miss the lathery shampoo and the way your hair felt before. If you try no poo for a few weeks and you’re just not getting results, don’t feel bad. Most women find that their hair is soft, shiny and full of body after going no poo for awhile but it’s not for everyone.

Going no poo is a cost-effective and gentle way to cleanse and condition your hair minus all the chemicals. The majority of women who try no poo report having luxurious and smooth hair that they never thought they could have, so it’s definitely worth a try. Have you ever tried the no poo method?

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