7 Reasons to Take Better Care of Your Hair Right Now ...


7 Reasons to Take Better Care of Your Hair Right Now ...
7 Reasons to Take Better Care of Your Hair Right Now ...

Reasons to take care of your hair are numerous, some even obvious, but all very much needed if you’re still tiptoeing around your New Year’s resolution, trying to find excuses not to keep a promise you made yourself just a few short weeks ago! Well, let me share a few hair care tips to help tilt the scales and discover the best reasons to take care of your hair. Check out all the possible answers to the big “WHY” to receive a push in the right direction and realize that now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your hair care routine.

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To Grow Hair

If you start taking better care of your hair starting today, you’ll get to show off a serious difference in length this summer and that’s the first of many absolutely and totally great reasons to take care of your hair now! Yes, yes, I know – we’d all love a magical, overnight solution, a magic potion, a brand new supplement but, until somebody finally decides to sit down and invent it, the good ole proactive approach is the only choice. And you know what that means! You’ve got to start early, and the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy the results.


To Live a Guilt-Free Life

We can play the miss uninformed game as long as we want but that won’t change the facts. If you’re not doing everything you should, you know it and, deep down, you feel bad for it. You feel guilty for causing new damage every time you grab your hair-dyer or flat iron, decide to dye or perm it again. Why choose to live your life like that? Make a change now! Start doing all of those things you know you should be doing. Healthier hair doesn’t mind the heat here and there and will even hold a hair color better!


To Look Better

Let me give you one piece of hair care advice that might sound unusual but is 100% true. Don’t look at celebs and their glamorous, red carpet up dos – real hair doesn’t look like that, at least not every single day. And we’ve already seen what those supposedly gorgeous manes look like without professional help, haven’t we? Start taking better care of your hair today and it will reward you by helping you look great every day, up do or no up do!


To save

Now, I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but keeping your hair healthy costs significantly less than trying to make it appear healthy without any real or significant revitalizing effects. All those shine serums, gloss sprays, color boosters and whatnot don’t come cheap and they don’t help much either. Unless you want to believe products that clearly state that they give the effect of “healthy-looking hair” can significantly improve the condition of your tresses in the long run. Fat chance, I daresay! Really healthy hair, on the other hand, can be achieved even without pricey stuff, and once you have it shining, less frizz and the ability to hold color will come on their own!


To Reduce Risks

Frying, dyeing, pulling – all of those things aren’t only damaging your hair now, they also increase the risk of hair problems later in life! Now, you may think that genes play the biggest role here and you’re basically right, although I’d like to advise you not to push it anyway. Once hair follicles sustain damage and stop producing hair, getting them to function again is extremely hard and, sometimes, even impossible. And we don’t want that, do we?


To Stop Hating Your Hair

I’ve been dyeing and straightening my hair since I was 15 which, as you might have guessed, caused a lot of frizz, split ends and a strong belief that my hair is not and never has been very nice and that I, therefore, must straighten it over and over again to get it to look presentable. The more you straighten and dye and pretend not to care, the more damaged your hair is; the more hair damage, the more you have to straighten to get it to look decent. It’s a vicious cycle indeed and so time-consuming that you don’t even have time for what ifs. But let’s see, if you decide to snap out of it and take a few hair care tips that could help improve the condition of your hair, you may (and probably will) find out that your hair isn’t half bad and learn to love it every day.


To Get More Compliments

Seriously, what girl doesn’t like compliments?! We love to be complimented on our choice of clothes, shoes, on our hairstyles and makeup, on our nails and accessories, skin…but what about hair? Well, believe it or not, healthy hair really does stand out! It shines differently and moves differently, looks differently too and don’t even get me started on the differences in the way healthy and damaged hair feel. Even guys notice it! But really, give it a thought – it would be a fun, interesting change to make, a chance to do something for your hair that doesn’t involve hairstyles and hair color changes -- and compliments…well, they are just another good reason to take care of your hair the right way.

See? Where there’s a will, there’s a way and there’s a reason too! Feel free to jump in and share your life-saving hair care advice, of course! I know you have some! Oh, and do tell, what has influenced you to start taking better care of your hair and replace those bad habits with the good ones?

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can we have a follow-up article that gives us tips for keeping our hair its healthiest?

I used to have curly fizzy hair but a month ago I tried keratin to make my hair straight and smooth and am dying now to get back my curly hair , any tips??

All i know is my hair is so damaged! Getting it cut in a week.... Never been so excited to cut my hair lol! Wish me luck :)

I can definitely benefit from a few tips on keeping my hair healthy. I have always colored my hair dark ( black or dark brown). I wouldn't dye my hair at all if it wasn't for my inherited gray hair! I ❤ having dark hair but, I decided to go lighter for summer

My ends are just so dry

Hi.. Any tips how to avoid falling hair.. Thanks and more power.

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