11 Things You Need πŸ’― to Know πŸ—― before You Get a Perm πŸŒ€ ...

Things you need to know about perms are the topic of today’s post and the reason I’m doing a post on curly perms is the fact that there are way too many important things to know about them and great tips for a perfect perm that deserve to be shared. Take a peek at these interesting things you need to know about perms before you decide to give this treatment a go.

1. Perms Are Back on Trend

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Let's start off by saying that perms are coming back in a big way. But, don't worry. We aren't talking the big voluminous waves that were so popular in the 1980s. Millennial perms are softer, look more natural and are also less damaging. The perm has had a modern makeover, not only in style but also in the harshness of chemicals used. And for those of you who don't know or are unsure, you probably need to start with finding out what is a perm?

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