7 Extra Tips for a Perfect Sock Bun ...


Tips for the perfect sock bun that I’m going to share with you below aren’t your basic, step-to-step guide on creating a sock bun but a collection of sock bun tricks that really ought to help you not only polish it up to perfection but do it perfectly every time as well! It doesn’t matter if you have short, frizzy or hard to style hair – any type of hair can be styled right, even with the minimal amount of effort! Sounds cool? Well, here are some tips that I myself find very useful:

1. Rat Tail Comb is Your Friend

Yes it is! I’ve promised you tips for a sock bun and that’s exactly what you’ll get ladies! And trust me, this simple tool is the alpha and the omega of styling. Use the comb side to smooth out all bumps and imperfections and the pointy, tail end to push bobby pins in or lift whole sections of hair to achieve more volume or a better, smoother finish! In case you have frizzy or curly hair, you’ll love to know that a simple item such as this one could help you deal with those tiny frizzies and baby hairs. Simply apply gel or hairspray on the area you want smoother and gently smooth out using a rat tail comb. Oh, and keep reading, ladies, as there are more useful sock bun tricks coming right up!

You Can Never Have Too Many Bobby Pins
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