7 Extra Tips for a Perfect Sock Bun ...


7 Extra Tips for a Perfect Sock Bun ...
7 Extra Tips for a Perfect Sock Bun ...

Tips for the perfect sock bun that I’m going to share with you below aren’t your basic, step-to-step guide on creating a sock bun but a collection of sock bun tricks that really ought to help you not only polish it up to perfection but do it perfectly every time as well! It doesn’t matter if you have short, frizzy or hard to style hair – any type of hair can be styled right, even with the minimal amount of effort! Sounds cool? Well, here are some tips that I myself find very useful:

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Rat Tail Comb is Your Friend

Yes it is! I’ve promised you tips for a sock bun and that’s exactly what you’ll get ladies! And trust me, this simple tool is the alpha and the omega of styling. Use the comb side to smooth out all bumps and imperfections and the pointy, tail end to push bobby pins in or lift whole sections of hair to achieve more volume or a better, smoother finish! In case you have frizzy or curly hair, you’ll love to know that a simple item such as this one could help you deal with those tiny frizzies and baby hairs. Simply apply gel or hairspray on the area you want smoother and gently smooth out using a rat tail comb. Oh, and keep reading, ladies, as there are more useful sock bun tricks coming right up!


You Can Never Have Too Many Bobby Pins

Nope, you can not! Trust me, when it comes to creating a sock bun, that oh so glamorous, yet oh so easy to do style even celebrities adore, you can use as many bobby pins as you need! I’ll sometimes need as little as 3-4 although that number can easily rise to a dozen or more in days when my hair refuses to cooperate. I love these tiny practical buddies that help you fix a style even if it looks like it’s not going in a good direction and there are so many cool ways to do that. Like, if you notice a tiny strand of hair that doesn’t lay flat and smooth like the rest of your hair, you can always use a tail on your rat tail comb to pry it out and bobby pins to pin it down properly! They will also help you shape your bun perfectly or secure the shorter strands at your nape to ensure a longer lasting smooth perfection!


Use Hairspray and/or Hair Gel

Wanna hear another great sock bun trick? Well, I guess it’s no secret that hairspray and gel work best when it comes to taming hard-to-style hair. And you know what that means? Well, you’re allowed to hit the snooze button a few times after a rough night even if your last night’s style was hairspray-ed to the max and will probably look like a bird’s nest in the morning. The product that’s already in your hair will help it become more manageable and there will be less frizzy or stubborn short hairs to deal with. You can use this trick even if your hair is completely clean and therefore a bit too soft and silky to work with. Give it a good spray, wait a few moments for the hairspray to dry, then start brushing it upwards.


Second Day Hair Makes the Best Bun

Or third day hair! In fact, I do believe no stage or oiliness could even classify as “too oily for a bun”. Now there’s a happy thought! In fact, why don’t we make a rule out of it? Tips for sock bun just don’t get any easier than this, do they? What a great way to score the perfect hairstyle and get the most out of your hair in days when you’re too in over your head for elaborate grooming!


On the Go Touch-Ups

On-the-go touch-ups are quite possible even if you don’t have a whole hairstyling emergency kit all assembled and ready to be used. Simply wet your index and middle finger and run them over that stubborn stray strand of hair a few times, pressing it gently to its original place! Water will reactivate the products you’ve applied while creating a sock bun, help the stubborn curl stick and ensure you a perfectly smooth style all over again.

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Nylon Sock Works like a Charm

Bun sponge, old socks..we’ve heard them all and have all sock bun tricks in our bags by now! But did you know that you could re-use your old super thin nylon socks to create a perfect, easy-to-work with bun base as well? Cut the panty and the toe section off to get two tubes. Now pull the one tube over your leg then double it with the other. Roll to get a loose ring and voila – your sock bun base is ready. It may sound like one of the weirdest tips for sock bun ever but it’s a jolly good one! Give it a go and see for yourself – nylon base is not only way softer, lighter and more natural-looking (which is ideal for thin hair)but easier to match with your hair color and pierce with bobby pins as well!


Fake It

Creating a sock bun might sound like mission impossible if you have a shorter cut – Right? Well, even this issue isn’t something you can’t work your way around! All you have to do is find a way to put at least some of your hair into a tiny ponytail. Experiment with a low and high one to see which one looks better and is able to accommodate most of your hair. Sleek and secure the loose bits using hairspray/gel and bobby pins, then attach a ponytail extension that matches your hair color. Now all you’ll have to is apply all the bun-making tips you like to work this added length into a perfectly natural-looking bun and enjoy this interesting transformation to the fullest!

Any other cool tips for the perfect sock bun, ladies? Do share! I’d love to get my hands on a new sock bun trick or two and I’m sure all fans of this practical easy to do yet super-glamorous style could say the same!

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