11 Tips for Getting Perfectly Wavy Hair ...


11 Tips for Getting Perfectly Wavy Hair ...
11 Tips for Getting Perfectly Wavy Hair ...

Tips for getting wavy hair can help you create those runway waves that are so popular right now. For those not blessed with natural waves, there are many different techniques you can use to achieve wavy hair. Curling irons, hot rollers, pin curls, or braids, for example, are all great methods you could use to create voluminous waves. Are you after some seriously lust-worthy locks? Hoping to find a perfect tip for getting wavy hair, perhaps? Then take a look at a few tips for wavy hair below!

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Get Wet

When it comes to tips for getting wavy hair, start with a clean slate. Shampoo and condition your hair, then apply a volumizing or texturizing product. For methods like pin curling and braiding hair, start with damp hair and allow waves to set dry.


Curling Iron

There are several different methods for achieving wavy hair. One of the most popular tips for wavy hair is to create it using a curling iron. Curl hair in sections, starting from the root of your hair and gradually twisting towards the end. Then comb through the sections with your fingers to loosen up the curls and create full waves.


A curling iron is a great tool for creating wavy hair. It's important to start curling from the root of the hair and gradually twist towards the end. Once you have curled each section, comb through the curls with your fingers to loosen them up and create a fuller wave. Additionally, make sure to use a heat protectant spray to protect your hair from the heat of the iron. It's also important to use the right size of curling iron for your hair type. For thicker hair, use a larger barrel, while for thinner hair, use a smaller barrel. Finally, don't forget to use a hairspray to keep your waves in place.


Hot Rollers

When looking at tips for getting wavy hair, hot rollers are a hot option. They are ideal for creating polished, full-bodied waves. Once hair is set, loosen the waves with your fingers or a wide toothed comb. When using heat styling tools, it’s also important to use a heat protectant on the hair to minimize frizz and prevent hair breakage.


Hot rollers are a great way to get wavy hair because they can create polished, full-bodied waves. It is important to use a heat protectant before using hot rollers, as this will help minimize frizz and protect the hair from breakage. After the hair is set, use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to loosen the waves. Hot rollers come in various sizes, so you can choose the size that best suits your desired look. Additionally, hot rollers can be used on all hair types, so they are a great option for everyone.


Pin Curls

Pin curls are another way to create a head full of wavy hair. This method will produce a more subtle curl than curling irons or hot rollers, giving you that sexy, old Hollywood inspired look! But let me share an easy tip for getting wavy hair using this method! Simply separate hair into a minimum of four sections, twisting each section until it forms a coil. Then pin the coil with a bobby pin or clip and allow to dry either naturally or with the help of a blow dryer. When you uncoil the sections you’ll be left with perfectly wavy hair.


For a timeless and elegant look, opt for smaller sections which will result in tighter waves, and larger sections for a more relaxed wave. Remember to prep your hair with a heat protectant or setting spray before coiling, to ensure your waves have longevity and to keep your hair healthy. The beauty of pin curls is their versatility—sleep on them overnight for deeper waves, or unravel them after a few hours for a softer bend. And don’t shy away from experimenting with different directions; alternating the direction of your coils can create a more natural, beachy texture.


Overnight Braids

Another tip for wavy hair of your dreams is to braid hair and sleep on it. Start with wet hair so that the waves set as the hair is drying. When you wake up in the morning simply untie your hair, comb through with your fingers, and set with a light hold hair spray.


Diffuse It

When blow drying your hair, use the diffuser attachment to encourage waves and volume. It’ll help regulate the heat as well as minimizing frizz and encouraging natural movement. Blow drying pin curls and braids can also help to set the waves.


Spray and Hold

Once you’ve achieved a head of wavy hair, you’re going to want it to last all day long. When it comes to tips for getting wavy hair to stay in place, a misting of light hairspray should be all that’s needed. A light hairspray will provide hold while still allowing for plenty of movement.


Use Your Fingers

Here's an easy way to get waves without having to pull out your heat styling products. Simply dampen your strands, then use your hands to scrunch them. Then use a small amount of hair gel or mousse, spread between your palms, to help set the look by scrunching again. This is especially effective if you have some waves, but want your hair to look the same all over.


Put in Some Buns

This is similar to the pin curls technique, but you'll do a bunch of tiny buns instead of just a couple. Dampen your hair first. Starting at the top of your head, twist a small section of hair, then wrap and secure it like you would when making a bun. Repeat until you have your entire head of hair in tiny buns. Allow your hair to air dry or use your blow dryer to get the job done faster.


Do One Bun

If you want looser waves instead of a bunch of tiny ones, you can do one bun. Gather damp hair at the back of your head. Twist the hair and secure it in place. Again, dry it using your method of choice. Then tousle and your done.


Use a Waving Iron

Remember the crimping irons from the 1980s? You can find similar products that are created to make your hair wavy. You will probably need to look for them at a beauty supply store. They look similar to a flat iron, but the plates are waved so that when you pinch your hair between them, it heats your strands into waves. This is a great choice for people with very straight hair and allows you to create uniformly sized waves all over your head.

If you’ve already got naturally wavy hair, then all you really need to do is apply a product that will tame and enhance your natural texture. However, these are just a few tips for getting wavy hair for those not blessed with natural waves. What’s your best tip for getting wavy hair?

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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I usually braid my hair at night so that it will be wavy in the morning and then once i do that for a bout a week it usually ends up getting naturally wavy so i dont have to do anything to it. (:

If you know how to curl your hair with a straightener, you can make pretty great waves with it. Just do half the turn it takes to make a complete curl. If that makes any sense... Lol

Have you heard of the Cloud nine the O pod and Velcro hair rollers?

i have a crazy amount of thick naturally wavy hair but it tends to frizz. even when i put a light dose of hair spray. i have no idea what to do, please help.

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