7 Tips on How to Grow out Relaxed Hair without the Big Chop ...


7 Tips on How to Grow out Relaxed Hair without the Big Chop ...
7 Tips on How to Grow out Relaxed Hair without the Big Chop ...

How to grow out relaxed hair without cutting it and having to spend more than a year or two regaining all that precious length? Now that, my ladies, is a question that we definitely need to find an answer for! I understand that growing out relaxed hair is a unique experience and that copy-pasting somebody else’s routine, expecting it to work like a charm is a huge gamble, yet believe that some tips for growing out hair are, in fact, universal and definitely worth trying. And the following seven definitely fit that description:

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Get It Trimmed

Growing out relaxed hair will be much easier if you decide to change your hairstyle a bit and maybe go a little bit shorter in the beginning of this process. You can skip it, of course, but don’t skip your future hair appointments – chop off that damaged length bit by bit instead of just waiting for it to break off and your hair will be more manageable and healthier during your transition.


Explore the Benefits of Co-Washing

Still wondering how to grow out relaxed hair without cutting? Well, I have something for you! It’s called co-washing and basically means you’ll wash your hair with a conditioner instead of shampoo! I know… I know… not exactly what you’ve imagined doing but, trust me, it isn’t as bad as it sounds! Conditioner will help keep your hair optimally moisturized, nurturing it from root to tip and the effect will be the same even without a shampoo. After all, you’ve probably heard ladies say wonderful things about this interesting washing technique – do you think it would have so many fans if it were so-so and not great?


Absolutely, the idea might seem a bit off the wall, but think about it – shampoos can strip your hair of its natural oils, which isn't something you want when you're nurturing those tresses back to health. With co-washing, you're essentially giving your hair a hydrating hug every time you step into the shower. The extra moisture is a godsend, especially for relaxed hair, which thirsts for hydration like nobody's business. Plus, it helps fight frizz and keep your hair manageable – a win-win when you're trying to avoid the tangle troubles and the snip-snip urges!



Next on my list of tips for growing out hair is plain and simple – moisturize, moisturize and, when you think you’ve moisturized enough, moisturize some more! Your new growth will definitely appreciate it and the same can be said about your damaged, relaxed length. Moisturizing leave in conditioner you’ll apply after wash and before styling and detangling will nurture your two textures like a charm although your new growth will need a spritz of water as well, as your natural texture may prove to need some help with moisture retention.



Speaking about moisture retention and going natural without cutting hair, here’s something you might want to add to your new hair care routine. What am I talking about? Well, natural oils, of course! These goodies are totally natural, chemical-free, even cheap comparing to store bought products and their effect is nothing short of a revolutionary! When applied to the scalp, various natural oils can help solve many problems (such as dandruff), will enhance hair growth and improve hair quality and its moisture retention capacity. You can also apply them on your length to repair damage, seal split ends and minimize breakage. Now isn’t that what every girl needs?


Kiss Sulphates Good-Bye

Still wondering how to grow out relaxed hair without cutting it? Have you thought about giving up commercial shampoos? You don’t have to co-wash in case you don’t want to and you should know that giving up shampoos in general and giving up shampoos that contain suphates are two completely different things! You can experiment with natural DIY shampoos or opt for an organic, store-bought one – it’s all good as long as sulphates aren’t to be seen in the list of ingredients. Why? Simply because these harsh chemicals tend to dry hair out even more and that is something you most definitely need to avoid when dealing with two, at the moment very fragile textures.


Say “YES” to Sleeping Caps

Satin or silk sleeping caps or bonnets are a perfect choice for growing out relaxed hair and dealing with two very different textures without that famous breakage. These very inexpensive yet luxuriously sleek thingies won’t only help reduce breakage protecting your length and natural growth in your sleep but solve your tangling issue as well and even help you keep a style overnight and wake up with perfect shake-fluff-go hairstyle!


Experiment with Protective Styles

Last on my list of tips on how to grow out relaxed hair without cutting it off completely is to never underestimate the beauty and practicality of protective styles. Various types of twists and knots are a perfect heatless styling method that blends two textures together without damaging either one. But that's not all! They will actually help your hair retain moisture and keep it tangle free and unexposed to damaging elements. Some naturalistas even claim a stylish, versatile protective (such as micro twists or micro braids) is better than a wash and go afro, as it helps keep your hair stretched and therefore tangle free!

Any experienced naturalistas out there? Well, let me hear you ladies! Do you have some tips on how to grow out relaxed hair without cutting it into a TWA? Well, let us all hear them! Feel free to share your experiences, voice out your concerns and input anything that could help ease the process of growing out relaxed hair.

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These really worked for my hair

Awesome info, would love to know what conditioners would be great for the job, an moisture rich products

That's a very interesting fact, Kate:) Thanks for sharing it with us. I've followed your link and wow - thumbs up for Janet! Gorgeous, smart, happy and accomplished:)

Go with co washing! And especially after you put in micro braids search for the 2 hour method for taking them out, keeps your hair detangled, conditioned and luxurious all at the same time.

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