7 Tips for His Perfect Haircut ...


7 Tips for His Perfect Haircut ...
7 Tips for His Perfect Haircut ...

A perfect haircut for men exists outside magazines and red carpet events, ladies and gents, and the only thing standing between your man and that amazing Hollywood look are a few simple styling tips! And whether you’re a female hoping to help her significant other in his search for a perfect haircut for men or a male who happened to stumble upon our little hair universe by chance – you’ll definitely want to take a peek at the following hairstyling tips for men:

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Choose a Style That Works for You

Hollywood celebrities can pull off that artfully tousled look women lust after but make no mistake about it – it’s their team of stylists that deserves the praise! Furthermore I bet Google-ing for Robert Pattinson paparazzi shots would reveal that the poor guy can’t always achieve that perfectly bed headed red carpet look on his own! What I’m trying to say is this – there is no such thing as a universally perfect haircut for men! It’s all about what you like and can see yourself wearing on a day to day basis! And although a change of style is very needed at times, you should never opt for a style that isn’t “you” or will require more time then you're willing to spend caring for it.


When choosing a haircut, it is important to consider your lifestyle and the amount of time you are willing to spend styling your hair. It is also important to choose a style that you feel comfortable with and that reflects your personal style. Men should keep in mind that even celebrities, who have teams of stylists, can't always achieve the perfect look on their own. Therefore, it is important to find a style that works for you and that you can maintain without too much effort.


Make It Wearable

Let’s presume you’re a huge Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) fan and that you love Braavosi characters and the writer’s vision of Braavos so much that you almost feel half-Braavosi yourself. Would that make you dye your hair half red, half blue and start styling it using hair glue? Of course not! Your style needs to match your personality and styling preferences first, but you mustn't forget about your profession either! Corporate folks just don’t go around looking like they couldn’t care less about their environment or appearance – do they? You can, however, get the best of both worlds by applying a simple yet very popular hairstyling tip for men – ask your stylist to leave the hair at the top of your head a bit longer so you can experiment with different styles to wear both in and out of the office.


Don’t Disregard the Shape of Your Face

So many perfect haircuts for men out there, so little knowledge on how to choose the right one being passed around! Now that’s a damn shame! Well, gentlemen, you should know that your perfect haircut is the one that takes the shape of your face into account! If your face is round you should definitely pay close attention to styles that feature a close side crop and a good dose of volume at the top as these will help make your face more oval looking. Pear shaped faces look best with a bit more voluminous sides, while triangular faces require a short cut so that the top and the bottom of the face appear more balanced. But wait…what about oval and square shaped faces? Well, ding, ding, ding – you’ve hit the jack pot! Have fun experimenting and keep your options open!


Keep Your Eyes Open for Critical Spots

Okay, I just had to mention this one! You see, my hubby has a friend who insists on wearing the same hairstyle despite the fact that it doesn’t do anything to improve his looks! And although I have no doubt the cut in question was the perfect one for him ten years ago, I must note that the only thing it does at this point is show off his balding spots! Sounds familiar? Well, it’s time for a change! Take a look at George Clooney and Bruce Willis, for example. They always look good, don’t they? Well, that’s because they have no problem with letting go of the past. A good stylist knows all about men's perfect haircuts and will gladly show you how good you can actually look, should you decide to stop fighting the clock or your genes and embrace a new style.


Bring a Photo

Yes – a photo! And, No – you’re not stepping into “girls only” territory! If you run into a style you like and think the hairstyle in question might look good on you, hold onto that that particular photo and show it to your stylist! Visual aids are always welcomed, as they help your stylist determine what is it that you want and make the job of giving you a cut to be proud of much easier. It's a small price to pay for great looks!



This next on my list of hairstyling tips for men might sound like a total no-go but give it a shot and you’ll be surprised with the results! You see, the problem with guys is that they rarely discuss their haircuts which, you’ll agree, doesn’t leave a lot of room for discussing good and bad experiences with various barber shops. Want a piece of info on good salons? Go ahead and ask! Yes, it’s what girls do but guess what? That’s what gets the job done! You can put your hair at stake and risk a potentially horrifying style that will need at least a month to grow or you can let that simple question roll off your tongue. Your choice.


Maintain Your Cut

Once you’ve managed to connect the dots and find a perfect haircut for you, the only thing left to do is to maintain it! In case you’ve decided to go with a bit trendier, layered look, you’ll have to make room for a few styling products, too. Shorter cuts are a bit easier to manage and require none or very little styling yet need to be touched up every two weeks. The bottom line? Every haircut out there (and yes that includes the buzz-cut as well) requires some dose of maintenance and the sooner you figure that out, the better you'll look.

Do your homework and that perfect haircut for men will be yours! But, wait – is there a hairstyling tip for men I’ve forgotten to mention? Well, feel free to jump in! The more the merrier!

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