8 Tips for Maintaining Blunt Bangs ...


8 Tips for Maintaining Blunt Bangs ...
8 Tips for Maintaining Blunt Bangs ...

Tips for blunt bags can range from styling to maintenance. If you’ve ever had blunt bangs you’ll know that they take some getting used to, especially on the maintenance side of things. Styling blunt bags is not always easy either but the end results can be extremely stylish and well worth the effort. Want to rock this look? Then check out the following maintenance and styling tips for blunt bangs:

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Blow It out

Blow drying your fringe is a quick and easy tip for blunt bags that will help you keep it in place and looking as good as ever. Firstly, pull your hair into place. Then, set your hair dryer to its highest heat and speed setting and direct the air flow down the length of your bangs. Blast your bangs from one direction, then the other, and then straight down again to finish.


Straighten in Sections

Depending on your hair type, bangs can get out of control quite easily. I’ve heard varying tips for blunt bangs, especially when it comes to using flat irons. But, like all things in life, I think it comes down to moderation. Keep your bangs sitting flat on your forehead by straightening them in sections. This will help maintain body but still allow for some movement.


Carry a Comb

One of the easiest styling tips for blunt bangs is to keep a comb handy. Bangs tend to separate quite easily, once humidity and sweat get involved, but a quick flick of the comb will fix it in an instant. Carry a comb and maybe even a compact mirror in your handbag for touch ups on the go.


Shampoo Separately

To maintain your bangs in between washes, simply wash them separately to the rest of your hair. It may sound weird but it's the best maintenance tip for blunt bangs ever and will definitely help them look fantastic every day. Tie your hair back into a ponytail and shampoo your fringe. Then, towel-dry your bangs and finish off with a quick blast of the blow dryer.


Try Dry Shampoo

Another one of those maintenance tips for blunt bangs in between washes is to use dry shampoo. Applying dry shampoo to your bangs will help soak up excess oils and keep them looking fresh. Be careful to brush your bangs thoroughly so that they don’t end up looking powdery.


Lift the Roots

When your bangs are getting a little bit too long for your liking, but it’s not yet time for a trim, keep them out of your eyes with a bit of handy brush work. Mastering a few pro tips for styling blunt bangs will definitely help them look gorgeous even on a bad hair day! Brush out your fringe, lifting at the roots, to shorten your fringe and keep it out of your eyes.


Trim Them Regularly

Bangs tend to grow out rather quickly and noticeably. When it comes to maintenance tips for blunt bangs, regular trims every couple of weeks are the key to keeping them looking pristine! Some hairdressers offer touch ups and follow up maintenance for free, so check to see if this offer is available to you.



If you’re confident in your skills, you could also try trimming your bangs yourself. If you do opt to trim your bangs yourself, make sure you use proper tools (i.e. NOT your normal household scissors) and undertake the whole process carefully. The focus should be on trimming what’s already there, not creating a whole new shape for your bangs.

These are just a few tips for blunt bangs and how to maintain them. I’m no stranger to blunt bangs and have found that many of these tips have worked in the past. What are your best tips for blunt bangs and how do you manage to make styling blunt bangs easy, hassle free yet effective?

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