8 Simple Tricks to Avoid Bad Hair Days ...


8 Simple Tricks to Avoid Bad Hair Days ...
8 Simple Tricks to Avoid Bad Hair Days ...

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to avoid bad hair days and do whatever I can so that my hair looks its very best! There are lots of ways that we can plan ahead to ensure that our hair is in tip top shape and it doesn’t take any magical tools or super expensive products! Take note of these simple tips to avoid a bad hair day and love your hair again!

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Work It

Work It If you want to know one of the easiest ways to avoid a bad hair day, start paying more attention to your scalp. When you’re washing your hair, make sure you take time to wash your scalp or go one better and give it a massage. Your scalp gets far dirtier from oil and dead cells than the ends of your hair so make sure you spend time thoroughly washing it. Massaging your scalp not only feels awesome, it helps increase blood circulation which can help with hair growth!


Time It

Time It In order for us to avoid a bad hair day, we have to make sure we condition our hair just as well also. Most deep conditioners ask that you leave the product in your hair for 10 minutes or so with damaged hair requiring even more time. So what happens if we just leave it in for a few minutes and wash? The product won’t penetrate your hair in a mere minute or two so if your hair is feeling dry or iif t’s damaged, carve out some time to give a super deep conditioning!


Wash It

Wash It We’ve learned how to avoid a bad hair day by giving your scalp a good wash and rub but we also need to take care in washing all that product out. If you’re rushing or just happen to not rinse your shampoo and conditioner very thoroughly, it’s going to leave your lovely locks limp, sticky and greasy-looking. Wash all traces of product out so that your hair will be clean and you’ll be able style it and not get your fingers stuck in it!


Clean It

Clean It While you’re avoiding a bad hair day through taking proper care of your tresses, remember that your hair tools need love too! You can’t expect your hair to be bouncy and beautiful if you’re using brushes, combs and heat tools coated with gunk that can be redeposited into your hair! Take time out to clean your hair tools on occasion or when you notice that your hair tools are starting to look dirty!


Blow It

Blow It Blow drying your hair in a certain order is also one of the ways to avoid bad hair days. Start drying your hair at the roots first and dry them up and away from the direction you want to style it to give your hair fullness and oomph! If you go the opposite route and dry the ends first, your roots can dry all funky-like and it’ll be hard to style it. Another quick tip is alternate from hot to cool air. The reason for this is to shape your hair with heat and seal it with the cool.


Style It

Style It Avoid a bad hair or at least work with your misbehaving hair by learning a few hairstyles that work well with your hair type. Experiment with different hair styles by getting inspiration from hair blogs or videos and give them a whirl! Then, narrow it down to around three fool-proof styles that you can depend on to make you look polished and chic even when your hair is acting up!


Learn It

Learn It Another way to avoid a bad hair day is to learn your hair products. Make sure you’re using the appropriate shampoo, conditioner and styling products for your hair type. I’m not proud to admit this but I’ve been known to buy hair products based on their fragrance alone. So, aside from my hair smelling like a Jolly Rancher, they did absolutely nothing for me and styling it was a nightmare! Buy the right products from the giddy up to ensure that your hair won't misbehave.


Cut It

Cut It Getting a haircut that suits your lifestyle and works for your hair type is another way of avoiding bad hair days. If you got a hot new haircut but it doesn’t look good unless you spend time curling or flat ironing it and you don’t the time-have it redone. There’s nothing wrong with having low-maintenance hair and it’s better to have a cut and style that you can work with than having to constantly be at battle with it!

The ways to avoid bad hair days involves a lot of care before you even take a heat tool to your head! All of the little things you do on a daily basis that might not seem so significant really makes a difference! Remember that doing these little now will help you out later when you really need it to be on its best behavior! Do you have any tricks to avoid a bad hair day?

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