7 Compelling Reasons Not to Wash Your Hair ...


7 Compelling Reasons Not to Wash Your Hair ...
7 Compelling Reasons Not to Wash Your Hair ...

Ladies, I know greasy hair is so 90’s grunge but I’ve got some pretty good reasons not to wash your hair and I think it might convince you to forgo your daily wash! I know it might sound gross and unsanitary, but believe me, it’s not. Not washing your hair daily can actually be beneficial in some not so obvious ways, so keep reading to learn more about my dirty little secret!

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Quite Contrary

The first reason not to wash your hair is that washing your hair daily can actually be counterproductive to a healthy scalp and head of hair. When you wash your hair frequently, you are washing away sebum, the product of those tiny glands in your skin, which moisturizes and creates a water resistant barrier on our skin and scalp, and that results in your body producing even more sebum to make up for what was washed away. Give your head a break for a day or two for healthy hair and to avoid sebum overload!


Control Freak

You know how dirty hair or 2nd day hair is so much easier to work with? Well, that’s another reason not to wash your hair! If you plan on doing a bun, fancy updo or curls, you’ll probably find that “older” hair is so much easier to work with and holds styles much longer. If you feel like your scalp smells oily, try sprinkling some baby powder on your roots or try a dry shampoo with a nice fragrance.


Be Budget Friendly

One of the less obvious reasons not to wash your hair is to save money. I know what you’re thinking, shampoo and conditioner don’t cost that much! Well for those who have a lot of hair like me, I used to go through tons of bottles of shampoo and conditioner on a monthly basis and it adds up! Also, think about you water and electricity bills and all the money you’ll be saving if you decide to skip those long showers!


Fade Away

Need another good reason not wash your hair? Washing your hair every day makes hair color fade faster! It doesn't matter whether you spend as much as hundreds of dollar or as little as $10 for a box of hair dye, the point is that you’re washing all that great color away! Keep that color longer by skipping a shampoo or two during the week and use a color-safe shampoo to make sure you lengthen the time between colorings.


Chemical Warfare

One of the best reasons not to wash your hair is to avoid all the nasty chemicals that are frequently found in popular hair care products. I know there are some great natural lines of shampoo and conditioners out there but let's not forget that not even those are 100% free of chemicals. Why not give your strands a break by simply trying to wash your hair 2-3 times per week? Do correct me if I'm wrong but a week is only seven days long which leaves you with 3 days of squeaky-clean hair, 3 days of second day hair perfect for styling and only one day of moderately-dirty hair you can pull up in a bun or experiment with.


Hair Health

The health of your scalp is also a very good motive not to wash hair daily. Your scalp produces oils which are nutrients for your hair and scalp and frequent washings can strip your hair of those vital nutrients. Brush your hair to distribute these natural oils and the next time you wash your hair, focus on the scalp only and just let the extra suds go down to your ends and wash with the leftover shampoo. Shampoo is meant to clean your roots and scalp so wash your ends minimally for soft and shiny hair.


Be Earth-Friendly

One of the best reasons not to wash your hair daily is to save the earth! That’s right, skipping your daily shampoo means using less water to wash your hair and less power used to wash and dry those big, fluffy towels you use on your hair. Think it won’t make a difference? We use roughly 7 gallons of water per minute in a shower and if Americans all used the clothesline instead of the dryer, the savings would be enough to close several power plants!

Were these reasons not to wash your hair enough to convince you to miss your next hair washing? Obviously if your hair has lots of product in it or you feel just plain nasty you should definitely wash your hair, but if you give it some thought and consider all the pros and cons of decreasing the frequency of your hair-washes, I bet you’ll see a difference!

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Pantene works to. I use that every monday, wedseday and saturday my hair starts to get oily on the third day so on the third I use heat and a little product (heat protectant) looks great especially great since I have highlights in my hair. Had them a little over a week and still look pretty new. ... Does the baby powder work as good as dry shampoo does?

Thanks something very unique :) but still makes some sense

I have very thick hair (thanks mama!!) that falls almost to the top of my butt.. And It is SUCH a pain to fix everyday so I have always skimped on the shampooing.. (2 times a week tops) I put on a shower cap, and use dry shampoo if I absolutely need it. This is THE BEST idea because not only does my hairstyle last longer, but my ends aren't dry and gross. I also let my hair naturally air dry (I highlight it) and use a straightener as a curling iron. (it's hotter so even if you don't have the best "natural" hair, it will take out the kinks!) hope this helps!!

Head lice*

This actually confirms my general thoughts on hair-washing, and gives me more reasons not to wash my hair! Plus, it may be weird, but I hate hot water. :) Thanks!

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