8 Smart Tips for Creating Volume on the Crown ...

Learning how to create volume on the crown of your head is quite easy. It's also important, because that's where you need volume the most. Creating volume at the crown gives you all the lift, bounce, and body you need. Whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, a little lift provides a lot of pick-me-up, so you'll never suffer through a bad hair day again. Now, while this is an easy endeavor, you do have to use the right techniques. I've got you covered, though – just keep reading to learn all the best tips for creating volume and tons of body!

1. Choose the Perfect Part

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Making sure your part is perfect is essential when it comes to learning how to create volume on the crown. If you're used to parting your hair a certain way, your hair might be a little too used to it, which can in turn make it flat. The first step in getting some lift at the roots involves trying to change your part. If you part your hair in the middle, try doing it toward the left or right. If you already have a side part, sweep your hair to the opposite side or part it in the center.

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