7 Easy Steps to Achieve the Perfect Blowout ...


7 Easy Steps to Achieve the Perfect Blowout ...
7 Easy Steps to Achieve the Perfect Blowout ...

Easy steps to the perfect blowout I'm going to talk about today will help you beat the odds and achieve that fierce blowout at home! Forget about getting an appointment at the salon or shelling out big bucks to get that salon-perfect blowout because the truth is plain and simple - you can do it by yourself and, although it takes a bit of practice, it's not as hard as it looks! Intrigued? Well, follow these simple steps to perfectly pretty hair and let your friends keep guessing who your uber cool new hairstylist is!

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Wash It out

The first step to the perfect blowout starts with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Be careful with wet hair and avoid rubbing it with a towel or being rough on your weak wet strands when you wring the water out! Don't twist or rub violently as this could cause breakage and frizz but pat gently instead picking up sections one by one. It does require a bit more time but, believe me, it's so worth it!


Product Placement

One of the most important steps to the perfect blowout is the amount of styling products applied while hair is still wet. The key is to start small applying just a little bit of product to ensure that you won’t end up with greasy or weighed-down hair. You can always add more later, but if you start with too much there's not much styling you'll be able to do! The type of product you'll use will depend on your hair type although there is one product that's a must for all hair types. Can you guess which one? Yup - a heat protectant!


Get Some Air

Allowing the majority of your hair to air dry is the next step in how to get the perfect blowout. If you start blow drying your sopping wet hair, not only will it take forever and actually cause more damage but will zap all of your energy as a bonus! By the time you reach to the good part, which is the actual styling of course, your arms will feel like they weight a ton and you'll be ready to take a nap! Start applying your makeup or getting your clothes together while you wait, instead and remember - Allowing your hair to dry naturally will also eliminate the need for extra heat or any additional pulling and potential damage.


Divide and Conquer

The next tip for a salon-worthy blowout is to separate your hair into sections clipping them up or securing them in little buns so you could focus on each individual section as you blow dry. Leave one section undone and start blow drying one section at a time. When you blow dry, make sure you have the nozzle attachment on so you can control the direction of hot air and always keep the nozzle attachment pointed down as this will help smooth cuticles down, ensuring a perfectly glossy hairstyle.



Next tip on how to get the perfect blowout is to use your fingers - a strategy that may seem odd at first but will help you get your roots all nice and dry before you bring in the styling brush and start working on your length. Simply run your fingers through your hair separating damp sections while you blow dry.


Blown Away

Now that your roots are dry, one of the last steps to the perfect blowout is to grab your round brush and start styling your length. Use your brush to grab and pull sections of hair using the same technique a stylist does - flip the section you're styling over the brush then slowly move the brush down mimicking that movement with the other hand (the one wielding a hairdryer) so that the heat is distributed evenly. I know, I know, it sounds super complicated when explained but here's a link for a very helpful tutorial that ought to make it much easier. And once you’re done with the ends, don't forget to hit the "cool" button and give your hair a blast of cool air to lock in the style and shine!


Get Glossy

Last of my tips on how to get the perfect blowout is to apply a serum on your ends or finish off your style with a strong yet flexible hold hair spray. If your hair is on the dry side, using a serum to coat your hair or applying a leave-in conditioner may be a better option. If, in the other hand,your hair is oily or limp, skip the leave-in conditioner and apply just a bit of serum on your ends only to seal in the cuticles or spritz some hair spray to hold your beautifully bouncy hair!

Now you’re armed with 7 easy steps to the perfect blowout! You might have to try out different products and brushes before you get the style you desire but the rest of the steps are important to follow in order to get flawlessly tousled and bouncy hair! What are your tips to get the perfect blowout?

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