7 Awesome Pro Tips for Each Hair Type ...


7 Awesome Pro Tips for Each Hair Type ...
7 Awesome Pro Tips for Each Hair Type ...

Tips for hair types we often complain of (such as greasy, fine, fizzy or brittle) are best when they come from people skilled in working with such hair! After all, we could all use a pro hair tip or two! And whether it’s excess sebum, frizz or dullness you’d like to get rid of, you can rest assured a stylist will have a neat little trick you can pick up! Well? What are you waiting for? Take a peek at these professional hair tips right now:

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Professional Hair Tips for Tightly Coiled Hair

Professional Hair Tips for Tightly Coiled Hair Super curly girls actually need to comb their hair while it’s wet in order to keep that gorgeous pattern in and prevent frizz! Well surprise, surprise! I’m sure this pro hair tip right here goes against every single rule you’ve heard so far but you should definitely give it a shot in case your curls turn into puffs after each combing. Spray on a moisturizing leave in conditioner and use a wide toothed comb to gently detangle your curls while they are still wet enough to regain their shape and you should see a huge difference!


Volume Boosting Tips for Fine Hair

Volume Boosting Tips for Fine Hair Next on my list of tips for hair types prone to flattening or hair that is just flat all the time is plain and simple- a root booster, upside blowdrying and a volumizer are three things that ought to give you the lift, hold or volume you need. In case your hair isn’t thin but too long to hold its natural bounciness at the roots, simply add a root boster, flip your hair down and blow dry it a minute or two (don’t overdo it) to activate the product and get your roots to stand up. Thin hair could benefit from the same technique but, instead of using a root booster, opt for a product designed to give you more volume all over.


Summer Hair Tips

Summer Hair Tips Moving on with hair tips for different hair types, here’s something all of you ladies could find useful this summer, regardless of your hair type or hair color. If you tend to sweat a lot, in case you have a very active social life or can’t make it through the day without exercising, you’ll notice that your hair tends to develop a “funny smell” after only a day. Well, no need to wash it and rick hair damage on daily basis – simply get yourself a nurturing, moisturizing yet refreshing hair deodorant!


Hair Care Tips for Fine Hair

Hair Care Tips for Fine Hair Getting the most out of your fine hair will be easy if you apply a few simple professional hair tips, so before I continue with various tips for hair types you don’t find yourself interested in, let me share something you’ll find very useful. So, in order to get the maximum out of your fine hair, you need to make sure no product buildup is left on it to grease it up, dull its color and drag it down. Use a clarifying shampoo and products that don’t build up to help your hair retain its shine and natural bounce and opt for styling product with added strengthening properties to prevent breakage and thinning while enjoying their volume-enhancing effects.


Professional Hair Tips for Thick, Brittle Hair

Professional Hair Tips for Thick, Brittle Hair Thick, brittle hair shaft is often the reason why most wavy haired girls suffer from horribly split ends, regardless of how good the products they use are. Well, we’re in that mess together so let me share a few tips my dear hairstylist was willing to share with me during my last visit. First- the horrible truth is that your hair is going to continue to split whatever you do with it, its ends will always a bit dryer and splits prone to traveling very high up the hair shaft. There is a solution, though, and it’s not only simple but budget friendly too! Natural oils! Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, argan oil… you name it! A quick hot oil treatment or a standard overnight one will do wonders for this type of hair making it supple and shiny instead of greasy!


Tips for Fighting Frizz

Tips for Fighting Frizz Marie Claire’s team of writers has managed to round up a team of pro stylists and squeeze out a lot of awesome tips for hair types that tend to frizz and pouf in humid environment. And you’ll be happy to know that there is a way to fix that! As one of the stylists in question revealed, frizzy hair is best treated when wet which means you need to pack it with nutrients while you’re washing and conditioning, not afterwards! Interesting, isn’t it? Well, that’s good to know! But, in order to keep up the good work and make sure no frizzies ever pop out to bother you again, you can take a few of his additional tips into your considerations such as: a)use a paddle brush, b)stay away from razor cut styles and c)say yes to slightly heavier styling products.


Easy Routine for Dealing with Oily Hair

Easy Routine for Dealing with Oily Hair Greasy hair is never a pretty sight, yet there’s not a lot a girl can do to fight her body. Right? Well, wrong! Pantene’s experts claim oily hair can be controlled offering a pro hair tip that is sure to help your hair stay clean at least a day longer than usual. Opt for a clarifying shampoo in case you use a lot of products or an shampoo for oily hair in case your problems aren’t associated with product buildup and focus on giving your roots a good, thorough rub. Follow up with a lightweight conditioner but, this time, apply on your ends only working the conditioner up but no so up that it ends up on your roots and scalp. Voila!

Aren’t these professional hair tips great and don’t you think it’s nice to have all of these tips for hair types often mentioned as “problematic” in one place? I’m definitely going to give hair deodorants a shot- daily hair washing is tedious work I’d love to be relieved of!

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A note about when to brush curly hair.... I wouldn't recommend brushing it when it's wet, especially if it's damaged. I lost a lot of hair doing that, and finally started brushing my hair before i showered instead. I finally feel like it's started to thicken back up since then.

Maybe some tips on combination hair? My hair is oily at the roots, dry everywhere else, straight underneath, curly on top xP

wow my hair is curly as taylor swifts hair and i used to hate it soo much! so i would straighten it every day and then i would hate my hair because of the split-ends. so i cut it ( i had really long hair passing my butt) all the way to my shoulders. No more straightening!

Good tips! A good tip as far as combo hair that is oily at the scalp and dry toward the ends would be try to not wash your hair everyday, brush your natural oils down towards your ends and opt for a little baby powder on your roots to absorb some of the excess oil! Or try a dry shampoo!

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