7 Awesome Pro Tips for Each Hair Type ...

Tips for hair types we often complain of (such as greasy, fine, fizzy or brittle) are best when they come from people skilled in working with such hair! After all, we could all use a pro hair tip or two! And whether itโ€™s excess sebum, frizz or dullness youโ€™d like to get rid of, you can rest assured a stylist will have a neat little trick you can pick up! Well? What are you waiting for? Take a peek at these professional hair tips right now:

1. Professional Hair Tips for Tightly Coiled Hair

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Super curly girls actually need to comb their hair while itโ€™s wet in order to keep that gorgeous pattern in and prevent frizz! Well surprise, surprise! Iโ€™m sure this pro hair tip right here goes against every single rule youโ€™ve heard so far but you should definitely give it a shot in case your curls turn into puffs after each combing. Spray on a moisturizing leave in conditioner and use a wide toothed comb to gently detangle your curls while they are still wet enough to regain their shape and you should see a huge difference!

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