7 Different Ways to Create Curls Sans Heat ...


7 Different Ways to Create Curls Sans Heat ...
7 Different Ways to Create Curls Sans Heat ...

Have you ever wondered how to create curls without heat? Many of us ladies ask that question all the time. We want the beautiful luscious curls but hate to bother with the curling iron or hot rollers, not to mention the damage. Luckily there are few wonderful ways to create curls without heat.

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Braids are an easy and quick way to create curls without heat. You start off with clean damp hair. Section the hair off and make individual braids all over the head. Smaller braids will create many tight curls and fewer braids will create big loose curls. Sleep in the braids overnight while they dry. I like to spritz my hair with a curl activating spray in the morning before taking the braids out.


Bantu Knots

Bantu knots work the same way as braids. Instead of braiding each section you twist the hair around and around until it starts to create a knot. Once the knot is tight you pin it down to the head. Just like the braids you sleep in the Bantu knots and take them out in the morning after the hair is dry.



Have you ever thought how to create curls without heat using a bun? Buns make for wonderful loose curls. Just twist your hair up at night before bed to have waves in the morning. You can also wear a bun during the day at work to have sexy waves for date night later.


Rag Curls

To create rag curls you first need several strips of material. Cutting strips from an old shirt or towel works great. Section the hair out and slowly start at the ends rolling the hair up around the rag to the head. Secure the curl by knotting the rag.


Pipe Cleaner Curls

You are probably wondering how to create curls without heat from a pipe cleaner! Good question. Pipe cleaner curls sound crazy, but it’s the same general idea as the rag curl. You wrap the hair around the pipe cleaner and secure.


Foam Rollers

There’s nothing wrong with using some good old fashion foam rollers to get perfect curls without the heat. There’s a reason why those things have stuck around for so long. They work. I’ve found foam rollers everywhere from the beauty supply stores to my local dollar store.


Pin Curls

I’ve never tried to sleep in pin curls and I don’t know if they would really hold up overnight. This might be a better option for during the day. To create a pin curl you section off the hair and roll the hair up to the head as if you had a roller and then secure with a bobby pin. You can either keep the curls big or lay them flat against the head.

I hope if you were wondering how to create curls without heat that you have found your answer. These are only a few ways to create curls without heat. I’m sure you guys have a few of your tricks. If you do, please share how to create curl without heat in the comments.

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I do a no heat curl technique that's actually super simple. While still damp I part my hair and then just twist into two ropes on the side of face. I don't secure them or anything, I just re-twist them periodically. Once the hair has mostly dried but is still a little damp I shake them out and get great curls and waves. So easy. I do this just about every day and with my hair I don't use any product to hold it at all. For stubborn hair you could also use a curl spray/mousse/gel before you twist to help out.

I have done pin curls, and they come out super tight and kinky. It is definitely not a style to use with shorter hair.

I actually tried this last night and it worked beautifully. If you are looking for a more natural look you can try to do bantu knots. this works on all types of hair and is an overnight technique. After you shower section off your hair and with each section comb out the section you are working on and put some curl mouse or leave in conditioner(i do both) then twist the hair. then carefully wrap the hair around itself tightly while keeping it twisted and pin it to your head. I use small rubberbands and just take them out in the morning right before I leave. This worked like a char and I absolutely love the way they look!

I have really long curly hair, (down to mid-back) but I've been wanting to try out foam rollers for a while Would large foam rollers be better than smaller ones?

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