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7 Excellent Ways to Protect Your Hair when in the Pool ...

By Sophia

How to protect hair in the pool this summer can be as simple as tying up your hair or wetting it with tap water. While you may be tempted to spend as much time in the water as possible during the summer months, chlorine or salt can have damaging effects on your hair. To keep your hair in tip top condition, take a look at the following tips for how to protect your hair in the pool this summer.

1 Wear a Cap

Not always the most stylish option, but probably the most practical one, especially when it comes to ideas on how to protect your hair in the pool. If you’re using the pool to do laps or for other athletic purposes, a swimming cap can also help streamline your technique not to mention that wearing one will prove to be quite a handy trick for keeping your hair dry in the water.

2 Wet Hair before Swimming

Wetting your hair with tap water before swimming can hold great benefits. It’s something I used to do out of habit, but only recently learned why it was so helpful. Wetting your hair prior to hopping in the pool is beneficial as damp hair soaks up fewer chemicals than dry hair.

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3 Secure Your Hair

If left loose, hair can easily become tangled while swimming. Tying it up is one of the easier tips on how to protect your hair in the pool. Medium to long length hair can be worn in ponytails or buns, while shorter hair can be pinned back with bobby pins or barrettes.

4 Braid It Back

Those with really long hair will find that braiding hair back may be more comfortable. Tying hair back in a severe bun or ponytail could also cause some breakage and a braid is much kinder on the hair.

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5 Don’t Shampoo before

Avoid shampooing your hair prior to swimming. This is an important tip to know when it comes to learning how to protect hair in the pool as shampooing can strip your hair of natural oils that create a barrier against the chemically treated water in most swimming pools.

6 Treat with a Natural Oil Beforehand

In a similar vein to the whole wetting your hair before swimming idea, treating it with natural oil like jojoba or coconut can protect it from chemicals used in many pools. The oils help seal the hair cuticles and create a physical barrier from the elements.

7 Condition Beforehand

Figuring out how to protect hair in the pool is all about understanding the importance of creating a barrier between hair cuticles and any chemicals in the water. Much like using natural oils, a leave in conditioner can help seal hair cuticles making them less susceptible to chemicals.

These are a few basic tips on how to protect your hair in the pool that ought to come handy these days! You should, however, have in mind that there are other factors to take into account such as the type of activity and the length of time you’ll be spending in the water. Do you have any other great tips on how to protect hair in the pool?

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