16 Tips to Help You Curl Pin Straight Hair ...


16 Tips to Help You Curl Pin Straight Hair ...
16 Tips to Help You Curl Pin Straight Hair ...

Tips to curl straight hair I’m about to list below will help make curling pin straight hair as easy as possible giving you a perfect, long lasting curly style every time! Sounds unbelievable? You can make it happen, take my word for it! Or better yet – take a look at the following tips on how to make curls last and find out more about things you can do to enjoy your gorgeous curls:

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Say “Yes” to Texturizing Products

First on my list of tips to curl straight hair would be to say yes to mousses and other interesting texturizing products which, when applied on wet or dry hair, help it hold a style much better. Your silky smooth, hard to curl tresses will definitely prove to be much easier to manage not to mention hold curls much longer than usual.


Style Freshly Washed or Second Day Hair

Curling pin straight hair will be much easier and the style will hold better if you remember to curl either when hair is freshly washed and still wet or a bit dirty (second day hair). Apply a texturizing product and set your hair in rollers in case you prefer to go with number one or do so on dry, second day tresses and use a curling iron to obtain a style that’s smooth and flyaway free.


When curling pin straight hair, it is important to use the right products and tools. Start by using a heat protectant spray to protect your hair from the heat of the curling iron or rollers. This will help to keep the hair healthy and prevent damage from styling.

When using a curling iron, make sure to choose the right size of barrel for the type of curl you want. For a more natural look, use a 1-inch barrel. For tighter curls, use a smaller barrel and for loose waves, use a larger barrel.

When using rollers, use the right size for the look you want. Smaller rollers will create tighter curls and larger rollers will create looser waves. Remember to use clips or pins to secure the rollers in place.

When curling your hair, start at the root and curl away from the face. Make sure to hold each curl for a few seconds to ensure a tight curl. When you have finished curling, use a hairspray to hold the curls in place.


Don’t over-Condition

Want another cool tip on how to make curls last? Make sure to use only the half of your standard dose of conditioner if you’re planning to turn your straight tresses into luscious curls. The half will still be more than enough to condition your hair without dragging it down, making a bit of extra room for the styling products you’re about to apply. Give it a shot – your hair will feel light and bouncy and your curls will last longer!


Give Root Booster a Shot

Infuse your pin straight hair with volume by applying a root booster (and maybe even a thickening product) on your damp tresses before you begin your favorite curling routine. This little tip to curl straight hair doesn’t seem like much at first but will give you a lot of body to be proud of and enhance your hair’s ability to hold a style.


Give Tight Curls a Go

Want more tips to curl straight hair? Here’s one you really ought to check out! You see, some types of pin straight hair are actually quite easy to curl but, unfortunately, lose curls quite easily as well. If that sounds like your hair definitely opt for tighter curls instead of big, voluminous ones. Spray and finger style your tight curls, then spray some more once they loosen up a bit. Simple, huh?


Don’t Touch Too Much

Touching your curls or finger styling them a bit too much will make them go flat in no time and is definitely something you should make a mental note not to do in case you want your Hollywood hairstyle to hold.


Spray like a Pro

Still wondering how to make curls last longer? Well, we all know a coat of hairspray is a must, but you’ll also want to know this – it’s not about the brand of hairspray you use but the way you use it! Once you’re done curling one section of hair, don’t let it cool hanging down like that! Pick it up in the palm of your hand instead, let it cool down a bit then spray and move on to the next one. Spray each using a strong yet flexible hold hairspray then mist your entire hair once more after you’ve finished styling.


Find the Curling Method That Works Best for You

Pin curls, hot rollers, regular rollers, flexirods, curlformers, curling irons, sock curls – there are plenty of awesome ways to curl your hair and all you have to do is find the one that works best for your hair. Experiment, have fun but be prepared to face a few oh-this-was-so-not-a-good-idea hairstyles as well, as all of this will help you learn and, ultimately, find your ideal curling routine. After you’ve done that it’s all about perfecting it which will result in flawless, long-lasting curls every time.


Care for Your Hair

Damaged, dry and brittle hair and hair-related problems that follow such as frizz, flyaways and broken strands won’t benefit your efforts to curl hair one bit! On the contrary – damaged hair is even more difficult to manage and won’t hold a style as good as a healthy one! The solution? You’ll need to nurse it back to health before you start applying these tips to curl straight hair! Who knows – you may even realize your hair isn’t difficult to curl at all!


Gear up

In case a curling wand seem like the best option for you, you should really take this next tip to curl straight hair into account – invest in a good ceramic wand with enough power to produce the heat needed for the optimal, long-lasting curling effect. These babies can be a bit pricier but it’s not the rule as there are plenty of amazing, good quality gadgets out there (such as Conair) to help you get curls that last for days!


Perfect Your “P3” Routine

Creating fantastic, long lasting curls is like painting your nails – you’ll need the “power of 3” if you’re striving for excellence! Step one is the base – apply products that will help your hair hold a style while giving it volume and bounce. Step two is the actual curling procedure (and there will be more tips to curl straight hair coming right up so don’t worry) and step three includes hairspray as well as all other actions you’ll need to take after your hair is curled. You can’t just wash, style, go and expect your curls to last, girlie – it doesn’t work that way.


Pin Finished Curls up

Hope you’re taking notes, girlies, as the ones who have mastered the art of curling pin straight hair swear this is one of the best tips on how to make curls last! Coil your curl again once you take it down and pin it close to your head. Let it cool down, mist some hairspray and leave the product to dry completely. Do this to all of your curls then take them down one by one and finger style your gorgeous curly mane!


Give Hot Rollers a Shot

Don’t want to bother with the curling wand, and all that taking out, pining up et cetera, et cetera, et cetera? No problem! Give hot or steam rollers a go! Prep your hair using the products you like best then set it into rollers and let them work their magic. Give your hair enough time to cool off completely before you take it down and enjoy your perfect, long lasting curls!


Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner Anyone?

Substituting your standard shampoo & conditioner with a volumizing line of products that works best for you is a perfect way to curl pin straight hair that’s super silky and super-fine. Browse through your favorite beauty supply shop to see what’s out there for you paying special attention to double purpose products, especially the ones that can help hair hold a style longer while adding volume in the same time.


Have a Purse Sized Can of Hairspray at Hand

Don’t let those stubborn, hard to curl strands ruin your mood and your prefect hairstyle – have a few bobby pins and a small can of hairspray at hand at all times in case a few touch-ups prove to be necessary. Simply loop the strands that have lost their shape, pin them close to your head add a fresh coat of hairstyle, give it a minute or two to dry, then let the curl down and your style will be almost as good as new!


Section Carefully

And the last on my list of tips to curl straight hair is for all of you fans of curling wands and various heated stylers. Section your hair into really small sections! It does sound like a waste of time (especially for those with super long hair) but, trust me on this one and you’ll be amazed with how long these curls last. Using smaller sections will allow the heat to penetrate your hair better, giving you a style that won’t fall flat in less than an hour.

Are there any other tips to curl straight hair worth considering? Do tell! I know some girls have really mastered the art of curling pin straight hair and, in case you happen to be one of them, there must be a few cool tricks up your sleeve you might consider sharing.

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#12 can you show a video example?

#10 what if heat makes your hair fall out more?

#6 finger styling meaning detangling or forming your curls by hand?

I have straight hair that is also very fine. If I want to style my hair and have it stay, I use my son's hair gel. I put it on my hair while it's wet, blow dry, then style. My hair stays styled.

Need help I have extremely straight hair and when I curly hair my curls never stay

I have to wash my hair then use argan oil heat protectant and when that all dries I use a karmin curling wand. Miracle workers I tell ya! The curls last like for a day or two more :)

can u do a article on how to make curly hair stay dead strainght after straightening it in hot humid weather

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