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DIY weaves are one of the best ways to save cash during these troubling times yet still manage to have a fresh, new, totally sexy hairstyle whenever you wish! Now, I know that DIY weaves aren’t as easy to do as some may think and that you don’t want to end up ruining hair you’ve paid good money for so here are a few neat tips for DIY weaves and even a video or two to help you master this art:

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Leave Enough Hair out

If you’re doing a basic sew-in weave, you might want to leave out the whole section of hair that will be your part as well as a thin section of hair on your hairline. These bits will require some styling before you go out but they’ll also make your DIY weave look natural and allow the hair around your face to grow undisturbed which, of course, means you don’t have to worry about thinning edges and receding hairline.


Braid Vertically

If this is your first time experimenting with DIY weaves and happen to have somebody to help you, ask him/her to start braiding your hair vertically, creating cornrows instead of circles then simply pull the ends of your braids up securing them between rows to create a flat surface to attach your tracks to. You don’t have to do them perfectly, even better, allow the rows to curve a bit as you’re getting close to the nape of your neck, yet avoid swirls and braids that coil at your crown as it takes a lot of skill to do them nicely and they may end up bulging too much and giving you a lot of trouble.


Don’t Cut Your Tracks Too Much

Next of my tips for DIY weaves is something I’ve picked up watching a really nice tutorial on sew-ins. So, once you finally start sewing in your tracks, it’s important to think twice before you cut them. Flip the track once you’ve finished sewing in the layer, run your needle and thread through it base a couple of times to get it to lie as flat as possible then continue using it like so. Do cut the track when needed but try not to do so too often as it will increase shedding making it almost impossible for you to re-use that hair.


Give Glue-Ins a Chance

If you don’t have a lot of time for experimenting and need a quick and easy at home weave, you can give glue in tracks a shot! These DIY weaves are much easier to do at home and you can hope to end up with a really cool hairstyle even if you don’t have somebody to help you. So pin your hair up and start lowering your layers one by one, carefully measuring the track before you cut it and glue it between each layer. You can add smaller tracks around your temples to make the hairstyle more natural but remember not to go too up or close to the top because you’ll need your top layers to cover the tracks.


Remove the Glue Carefully

If you’ve decided to opt for this aforementioned DIY weave, make sure to remove it after 2 weeks maximum. It’s not the best thing to put into your hair in long term as the glue needs to go directly to your skin but hey, it’s not a bad idea in case you need longer and thicker hair you have no time to grow (for weddings, proms…you know). Glue-in tracks are actually quite easy to remove and all you’ll need is some oil (it can be an oil-based remover or even olive oil you use in salads) and some patience. Pat oil into the glue making sure you dab enough of it both over and under the track, let it work its magic over the next 10- to 20 minutes and gently remove the track making sure you don’t damage or pull of your own hair with it.


Quick Weave

Next on my list of tips for DIY weaves is actually a video that will show you how to do something that it’s called a “quick weave”. The good thing about this weaving technique is the fact that you can cover your own hair and protect it from being glued although you will need more hair to achieve a perfect look.


Invisible Part

And we’ve come to the most important thing of all salon-made and DIY weaves – his majesty, the invisible part! This is the best invisible part I’ve ever seen – no glue or tracks showing and the gap is just perfect and natural-looking! Enjoy watching, follow the instructions closely and do remember to stop by to brag about your new, absolutely perfect invisible part!

Have you ever thought about opting for DIY weaves or you feel happier to let someone else take care of your hair? I actually love the idea of an easy at home weave although I’d rather opt for a clip in or a wig I could take off before bed since I’m such a nervous sleeper that I’d probably mess it all up by morning.

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