7 Tips for Super Healthy Straight Hair ...


7 Tips for Super Healthy Straight Hair ...
7 Tips for Super Healthy Straight Hair ...

Tips for healthy straight hair can vary from the maintenance stage to styling. If you’re not blessed with naturally straight hair, getting this look can require some work. Constant heat styling can damage hair, so it’s important to look after it to keep it looking its best. You’ll want a good tip for healthy straight hair. Take a look at a few healthy straight hair tips, below.

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Apply Protective Product Beforehand

Apply a heat-protective product before styling to minimise potential damage to your hair. These products are usually designed with moisturising and protective properties in mind to help prevent hair breakage. You’ll also want to start off with a good base for healthy straight hair, so having a good shampoo/conditioning routine is key for moisturised hair.


Air Dry Prior to Styling

Let hair air-dry for as long as possible before you start styling. You may be tempted to want to start blow drying your hair when wet, but hold off for as long as you possibly can as this will help prevent any breakages during the styling process. Also, never attempt to straighten hair with a flat iron when wet.


Don’t Overheat

Too much heat styling can be bad news for your hair. It’s important to minimise your hair’s exposure to heat. To try and minimise damage, always go for the lowest minimum heat setting and for the least amount of time as possible.


Invest in Good Tools

If you’ll be using styling tools on a frequent basis then it’s important to invest a little bit extra. The right products can make all the difference when it comes to achieving healthy looking straight hair. Straightening irons with ceramic plates and ionic hair dryers are generally accepted to be the better options. This tip for healthy straight hair may end up costing you a little bit extra, but it’s well worth it.


Use a Lush Brush

A soft bristled brush works a treat for detangling dry hair. A wide, paddle style brush is also helpful for the straightening process. Also, knowing which brush to use when is important. For example, never use a bristle brush on wet hair as this can cause breakages. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair.

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Trim Regularly

Nothing says unhealthy hair more than split, damaged ends. Trimming your hair regularly is just one step in your quest for straight, healthy hair. This tip for healthy straight hair will also give your hair a smoother appearance.


Look after Your Body

This tip for healthy straight hair involves starting from the inside, out. A healthy diet and keeping up your fluid intake can all help to get healthy, straight hair. Toxins can show up in your hair follicles, so keep them healthy by living healthily.

These are just a few basic tips for healthy straight hair. Sleek, straight locks have been heavily featured on the runways recently, and this look is on-trend for the summer. If you’ve got a tip for healthy straight hair, feel free to share!

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thanks for the beautiful tips......just want to know how long we should use dryer or heat on hair.

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