11 Ways to Keep Your Hair Straight Longer ...


11 Ways to Keep Your Hair Straight Longer ...
11 Ways to Keep Your Hair Straight Longer ...

Want to know how to keep your hair looking straight until your next wash? Look no further! Use these simple and effective tips to keep your hair straight longer:

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Straighten Your Hair Bit by Bit

Let your hair air dry then section it and straighten it bit by bit making sure that each individual section you’re planning to run a hair-straightener over is not bigger or chunkier than the styling gadget can handle. It’s a meticulous, time-consuming procedure indeed but it will ensure a smooth, even texture that is harder to mess up. But, that’s not all and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I have more great tips on how to keep your hair straight to share!


Use Silicone Based Serum

A silicone based serum you’ll apply after you’ve finished styling will help keep hair straight for a longer period of time too. As I’ve mentioned before, silicone-based products act as sealants, providing a soft, water-proof barrier that prevents water particles from entering the hair shaft and ruining its smooth silky texture.


Silicone-based serums are a great way to lock in your straightened hair. These serums are lightweight and help protect your hair from humidity and other environmental factors. They also create a protective shield that keeps your hair looking smooth and shiny. Unlike other products, silicone-based serums are non-greasy and can be used on all hair types. Additionally, they help to reduce frizz and flyaways, making them an ideal choice for keeping your hair straight for a longer period of time.


Apply Some Hairspray

Lift the top section of your hair then use hairspray on the bottom one in order to keep hair straight even in hot weather or, in case you’re worried this might give you that much-hated helmet-hair, spray the hairspray on the brush, then slowly work it through sections that tend to curl or frizz first.


Use the Right Products

Next on my list of tips on how to keep hair straight longer would be to invest in a range of products designed to aid the flat-ironing process and make the effects long lasting. You can opt for silicone based shampoo, conditioner, heat protector and shine serum, go for a something with a green label or mix a couple of brands for a more personalized hair care routine.


The right selection of products can make a tremendous difference. Silicone-based products work wonders by coating the hair strands and providing a barrier against humidity and frizz. Additionally, it's essential to consider heat protectants, as they are specifically designed to create a protective layer on your hair, preventing heat damage during styling. Don't forget about finishers like a good quality shine serum; it will give your hair that gorgeous sleek finish and further help to maintain your straightened style throughout the day. Combining these products, tailored to your hair's needs, can offer a personal touch to your routine and ensure optimal results.


Try Home-Made Solutions

Want some more tips for straight hair? Well, here’s one interesting home-made mask you simply must try! Simply grate fresh coconut and mix it with lime juice then apply this mixture on your hair and leave it in for about 20 minutes. Rinse and style as you normally would and do let me know if you notice any difference!


For another DIY solution, blend a banana with a tablespoon of honey to create a smooth paste. This can act as a natural hair straightener due to the moisturizing properties of both ingredients. Apply it from roots to ends and wrap your hair in a shower cap. The warmth will help the nutrients penetrate your strands. Leave it in for half an hour, then wash it off with a mild shampoo. Not only does it have the potential to smooth out frizz, but it can also add a luscious shine to your mane.


Protect Your Hairstyle

In order to keep hair straight until your next wash, you’ll have to take very good care of your hairstyle. Wrap your hair in a clean, dry towel to protect it in the shower. It will certainly help you hold on to your hairstyle!


Wrapping your hair is just the beginning. Switching to a silk pillowcase can also make a noticeable difference by reducing friction and helping to prevent frizz and kinks as you sleep. Additionally, avoid using hairbands or tying up your hair, as this can introduce unwanted waves. If you must tie it back, opt for a loose ponytail with a soft, fabric-covered scrunchie. For further protection, consider applying a lightweight, anti-humidity hair serum before you step out. This will act as a shield against moisture and help maintain that sleek, straight look you love.


Invest in a Top Quality Flat Iron

The last but not the least bit important of my tips on how to keep hair straight would be to invest in a professional, high quality flat iron that won’t only give better results but help you have healthier, less damaged hair. Modern styling tools are coated with special protective materials that help distribute heat better, control frizz and …. (drum-roll)…. Won’t fry your hair!


Invest in a Quality Blow Dryer

As important as it is to invest in a top quality flat iron, the same goes for a blow dryer. I suggest investing in an ionic blowdryer - it's a bit pricier than most but totally worth the splurge. The ionic molecules break down the water molecules rather than just evaporate it like your standard dryer. It also cuts down on drying time and leaves your hair smoother and in better condition!


Wrap It up to Keep It up

Silk is straightened hair's best friend! Cover your hair with a silk scarf or invest in some silk sheets! You'll wake up with your hair looking as good as it did when you went to bed.


Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is such a life saver! It can help keep your hair straight by reducing the moisture, oil and buildup in the hair. Spray it on to the roots of your hair and brush it outwards to remove the oils from your hair. It'll help keep your hair straight long after it's been styled.


Use an anti-frizz Serum

This is an easy way to keep your hair from getting, well, frizzy! You can find a good anti-frizz serum at any drugstore and it'll definitely come in handy. Put it on before you head out for the day!

Do you have any tips on how to keep hair straight for a longer period of time? And which of these tips for straight hair are you planning to use?

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Thanks so much for the coconut mask recipe! I'd love to get more like that. I see that you guys are finally doing more articles for curly hair. Could you do an article on how to make your curls looser? I have a friend who has tight 3b curls and would love to make it looser, naturally that is. Thank-you!

Thx for the great tips!

what does the lime-coconut mask do?

I’d recommend Karmin

we hav to wash hair after using mask or not????

Do you recommend a particular flat iron?

I've got a good one!! After you finish straightening your hair, use the cool setting on your blow dryer. (I flip my head over first.) Blow dry until your scalp feels completely cooled off from the flat iron process. Your hair will be shiny, less frizzy, and stay straight longer. I read somewhere that it helps to seal the cutical. Idk, but it really works! TRY IT!

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