7 Savvy at-Home Hair Tips ...


7 Savvy at-Home Hair Tips ...
7 Savvy at-Home Hair Tips ...

At-home hair tips can cover a range of topics from styling to hair care advice. Getting your hair professionally treated and styled everyday is just not feasible for 99% of the population, so knowing a few hair tips for at-home styling is a life saver. Everyone seems to have that one at-home hair tip that they swear by, so imagine how helpful multiple tips would be? The following are just a few handy at-home hair tips for everyday maintenance.

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Use the Right Brush

Using the right hair brush is one of the at-home hair tips that can make all the difference for your hair. If you’ve been using the same hair brush for years, replace it as soon as possible. Broken bristles can shred hair and scratch the scalp. A wide tooth comb is best for detangling wet hair, while a bristle brush is best for dry hair. The style of brush also matters, as round brushes are better designed for coarse, curly hair while paddle brushes suit longer, thicker hair.


Drop the Towel

Wrapping your hair in a towel after showering is a common habit. It’s one that I’d personally find hard to break. However, it seems that keeping wet hair wrapped in a towel for long periods of time can cause frizz. A good alternative is to squeeze excess water out and then let your hair air dry for at least five minutes before blow drying.


Have a Toothbrush Handy

An unused toothbrush is one of the more unusual at-home hair tips on this list. But stay with me. A toothbrush can be used as a styling tool for all those fiddly jobs where normal brushes just won’t cut it. You can use them to tease your hair, to touch up roots with hair dye, or to smooth flyaways after spraying with hairspray.


Style the Night before

If you’re usually rushed in the morning, or are generally time-poor, try styling your hair the night before. This could involve wearing rollers to bed to create volume, or twisting your hair into loose buns to create texture.


Hot and Cold Drying

When blow drying your hair, dry them in sections and allow each section to cool down before moving on to the next. This may seem a bit more time consuming than usual, but it’s a hot at-home hair tip for helping your hairstyle set and achieving more body.


Dry Shampoo is Your New Best Friend

Dry shampoo is a saviour. However, while it’s usually reserved for hair that is oily and unwashed, this at-home hair tip focuses using dry shampoo on freshly washed hair. The idea is to dab it immediately onto the roots after washing and drying. It helps create volume, as well as acting as a barrier for debris and oil that your hair may collect throughout the day.


Trim Bangs with Pinking Shears

If you’ve got bangs, then you’ll know that getting them trimmed is half the hassle when it comes to maintenance. If you’ve got textured or slightly choppy bangs, trimming them with pinking shears (those scissors with the zig-zag edges) is an at-home hair tip that will help maintain this texture.

There are just so many more at-home hair tips out there, it’s not possible to cover them all in this one list. These are just the basics to cover a broad range of hair styles and types. What’s your best at-home hair tip?

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