7 Ways to Repair Sun Fried Tresses ...


7 Ways to Repair Sun Fried Tresses ...
7 Ways to Repair Sun Fried Tresses ...

There are ways to repair sun damaged hair, my ladies, and giving up is not an option! Now, I know repairing badly damaged hair is a long, tiring process (been there myself) but, trust me, the sacrifice really pays out! Don’t settle for masking the damage – repair it and here are a few tips for severely damaged hair to help motivate you and give you a few ideas on what to do and where to start:

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Give Vitamin E & Olive Oil Treatment a Go

Hot oil treatments are one of the best ways to repair sun damaged hair not to mention something you should definitely consider before you decide to visit a stylist and kiss most of your length good bye! You will have to take a trip to the salon anyhow but the good news is that most of your length is salvageable and will look way better with the help of this simple DIY intensive treatment. Prepare the treatment by mixing ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil with the liquid you’ve squeezed out of three vitamin E capsules, pop the mixture into a microwave for half a minute then apply on your damaged tresses. Let the treatment work its magic over the next half an hour to an hour then shampoo off gently and condition as usual. Repeat the process once a week and your hair will go back to its usual silky self in no time!


Get Your Ends Trimmed

Repairing badly damaged hair to the point where it looks completely healthy is possible only if you visit a hairstylist and get those super split, super dry ends chopped off! You might be required to sacrifice a bit more length than you were counting on, though, which is why I always prefer to leave all radical hairstyle changes and significant chops for after summer. Your hair is going to get affected by the heat regardless of how good you take care of it so trimming your ends is a must-do, even if your tresses aren’t as badly fried.


Say “YES” to Reconstructing Hair Care Products

Next on my list of tips for severely damaged hair is plain and simple – say “YES” to all that fancy, protein and keratin enriched mambo-jumbo! They do cost more than your regular hair care products but a good reconstructing hair care kit really pays out in this case and will definitely help you breathe life into those dull, brittle, sun damaged locks!


Glaze It, Don’t Dye It!

But let’s not forget the less obvious ways to repair sun damaged hair either! And making a decision not to slap on a fresh coat of hair dye and damage your hair even more would be a good way to start! Now, I know this decision can be a really hard one, especially if we’re talking about serious color fading (or yellowing, in case of blonde hair) but there are ways to fix this even without all the harsh chemicals. Go for a nurturing color glaze in case your color needs refreshing or opt for special shampoos and tints that will help your blond tresses lose the brassy, yellowish glow.


Lay off Heat

Wanna know a good way to repair sun damaged hair? Ditch the heated styling tools! I’m serious – place them all in a drawer, lock the thing and ask a good friend of yours to be the key master. Tell her she’s not to hand it over until you’ve managed to complete your goal and she can’t go soft on you regardless of how much you beg. There are tons of wonderful heatless hairstyles for you to try out and, believe me, you’ll still get to be your fabulous, picture-perfect self.


Try a Simple DIY Avocado Deep Conditioning Mask

Repairing badly damaged hair is going to be a lot faster, not to mention a lot more budget-friendly, if you feel creative enough to try a few cool DIY recipes! Now, we already have plenty of those here so I won’t go into it too much but there’s a cool deep conditioner I really think you should hear about right here and right now! Are you up for it? Well, it’s a quite simple one actually. You’ll need flesh from one ripe avocado, one to two tablespoons of sweet almond oil and a glob of your regular hair conditioner. Blend avocado until smooth, mix in the rest of your ingredients and apply on clean, toweled hair. Leave it on for about 20 to 30 minutes then rinse off under a jet of cold water and style as usual.



Last on my list of ways to repair sun damaged hair is to remember that your dry tresses always need moisture. Invest in a light, nurturing leave in conditioner (ideally, one with reconstructive properties) and spray it onto your length whenever your hair feels dry. You can cut the costs by making your own leave in conditioner or experimenting with other cool DIY recipes.

Are there any other noteworthy ways to repair sun damaged hair and what do you do to keep your tresses beautiful, glossy and healthy over summer? Do feel free to share a few pro tips for severely damaged hair as well and if you know a good hairstylist, definitely ask him or her to join in and share a few cool advices!

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How often should a person with damaged hair use protein products though? I read that too much protein can cause dryness and breakage as well. its all so confusing

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