7 Amazing Good-to-Know Hair Tips from Celebrity Stylists ...


7 Amazing Good-to-Know Hair Tips from Celebrity Stylists ...
7 Amazing Good-to-Know Hair Tips from Celebrity Stylists ...

Hair tips from celebrity stylists I’m going to list today will help you get celebrity hair without having to spend all of your limited, non-celebrity funds in doing so! Sounds unbelievable? Well, don’t jump to conclusions just yet… at least not before you give these hair tips a shot:

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Mix, Match, save

The first on my list of hair tips from celebrity stylists is something we don’t get to hear very often – don’t splurge too much! Yes, it’s okay to mix cheap and expensive and you should most definitely do so , even if your hairdresser tries to get you to empty your wallet by getting a whole line of expensive additional products that «will work best with your shampoo». Experiment with both cheaper and more expensive brands until you find a perfect match because the price tag often doesn’t guarantee a product in question will be compatible with the rest of your hair care items or loved by your hair.



Celebrity hairstylist Kaz Amor encourages you to bond with your hair stylist in order to get that celebrity hair you’ll be happy with! Tell your stylist more about yourself, about your family and job so he could advise you on the hairstyle that fits your needs and don’t be afraid to open up so he or she would be able to notice if or when you start making emotional decisions you’ll regret later.


Condition at Home

Want some more amazingly budget-friendly tips from celebrity stylists? Well, here’s one you’ll love – deep condition at home and opt for cheaper or complimentary treatments at the salon. You see, as beneficial as they are, deep conditioning treatments can cost quite a bit and the result often isn’t any better than the one you’d get at home with the help of a very similar or even the same product.


Curl It

Want that perfect tousled look? Neil Weisberg has the answer and , since his skills are appreciated by two absolutely perfectly styled ladies Cameron Diaz and Liv Tyler, you can bet he knows what he’s talking about. And, in order to get a head full of wild waves you can both dress up for a glam event and wear on everyday basis, you’ll need to curl your hair using a 1 ¼ inch barrel curling iron. Tuck the ends in for a more polished look or leave them out for that tousled, surfer girl effect and remember to curl in different directions and a bit haphazardly to avoid that 90’s-prom-updo effect.


Invest in a Good Set of Brushes

Brushes you use to style your hair could make a huge difference so the next of my hair tips for today would be to invest in a few good quality ones to use to create that perfect hair-dos. Although more expensive than regular brushes, professional ones don’t only last longer but work better, make styling easier and won’t damage your hair.


Blow Dry then Flat Iron

Straightening your natural Afro and wearing your hair sleek and shiny is a good special-event hairstyle and the best way to achieve that without hair damage would be to wash and deep condition first then focus on straightening your natural locks. Apply a generous amount of heat protector and then blow dry using a wide brush to get your cuticles to lay flat. Let your hair cool down, then section it and run a flat iron over each section to seal your hairstyle. Finish the look with a cold blow out and apply a silicone based shine serum that will coat each strand, making your hairstyle shiny and frizz-proof.


Seal the Deal

The last on my list of incredibly useful hair tips from celebrity stylists is Tommy Buckett’s tip on how to get a picture-perfect, flawless hairstyle. And in order to make your DIY hairstyle look salon-made, always apply a product after you’re done styling. Spray in some leave-in conditioner to get your natural, no-heat hairstyle to look even better and feel even softer or add shine, prevent the frizz and tame flyaways by adding a silicone-based serum or spritz your fav curl-enhancer to get your curls or waves to stay fresh, bouncy and shiny all day long.

Have I forgotten to mention any awesome hair tips from celebrity stylists? Well, by all means, do jump in and let me know which tips have helped you have celebrity hair with minimum effort!

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a good hairdresser wants your hair to stay healthy...i dont convince people to empty out their wallets (those hair stylists are only out for your money) if a product is good for them, ill suggest it i agree some things are ok at home, including conditioning but dont be such haters are people who professionalize in keeping your hair healthy

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