8 Ways to Reduce Undesired Hair Growth ...


8 Ways to Reduce Undesired Hair Growth ...
8 Ways to Reduce Undesired Hair Growth ...

There are plenty of ways to Reduce Hair Growth these days, many hair removal procedures as well as many interesting both natural and medication-aided ways to deal with your undesired hair growth. So, let me list a few both most important and most popular ways so you could determine which one could work best for you:

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Electrolysis is said to be a very effective way to reduce hair growth, especially if there are only a few, small areas to treat. This hair removal procedure involves electro shocking each undesired hair follicle causing it to become weaker and weaker until it’s not able to produce any more hair. It’s not magical, of course, which means that you’ll have to repeat the procedure a few times but, hey –it’s a small price to pay to get rid of those thick stubborn stray facial hairs!



Designed to help remove hair from much larger areas such as legs, arms and back, laser hair removal is one of the most popular hair removal procedures nowadays. Laser treatments are quite expensive, they need to be repeated a few times for best effects and they require some pretty serious post-treatment skin care which means that you won’t only need to apply special creams to soothe your irritated skin but avoid sun-exposure as well. Sounds like too much? Yes, I’d have to agree but let’s not forget that there are plenty of very happy customers out there who can guarantee that this short-term suffering was well worth it!


Waxing and/or Tweezing

Some say that waxing and tweezing won’t help you reduce hair growth but increase this problem even further! I’d have to disagree because I’ve been waxing for years and it really helped me get a few «critical» areas under control. Furthermore, I wish I wasn’t so determined to have thin eyebrows in the past because growing them back has proved to be mission impossible! Tweezing and waxing comes with some pretty obvious perks such as that long-lasting silky-smooth feel, the fact that some hair don’t grow back at all as well as the fact that you don’t have to wait a month or two to repeat the procedure. It’s not as reliable as laser or electrolysis and you’ll notice that hair in some areas just keeps growing back despite your best efforts but, hey, it’s still a good way to fight your undesired hair growth.



In case your undesired hair growth has something to do with hormones or the medications you already take you can consult your doctor and get him to prescribe something to treat this side effect with. Excessive hair growth often occurs in menopause and is a result of either insufficient production of female hormones, over production of male hormones or even both. Some other conditions may lead to hormonal imbalances as well so, if you notice unusual hair growth, one of the smartest things to do would be to consult your doctor.


Special Skin Care Products

There are plenty of both prescription and over-the-counter skin care lotions and creams that help reduce hair growth while keeping your skin soft, supple and properly hydrated! How’s that possible? Well, they actually contain ingredients that block hair regeneration making the effects of your waxing or plucking longer lasting. Most of these are said to be «natural» but I’d be very careful if I were you. In fact, I strongly suggest consulting your doctor before you decide to buy anything!



As strange as it sounds, some researches have managed to prove that excessive weight and increased intake of carbs can lead to undesired hair growth! Now, I’m not a doctor myself so you’ll excuse my plain English but I believe it has everything to do with insulin or, better yet, insulin resistance which is often connected to eating plenty of carbs. Exercise and eat right because, as you can see, it’s good for your body in more ways that you could have imagined!


Spearmint Tea

Tasty and oh-so-refreshing, spearmint tea could actually help you reduce hair growth! And, nope, it’s not an old wives tale but a medically confirmed fact! This palate-pleasing drink is a natural way to keep your androgens in check and prevent a very common condition known as hirsutism.


Homemade Barley Mixture

But, speaking about interesting, yet completely natural ways to reduce hair growth – here’s one cool homemade mixture that is believed to make hair grow slower (and lighter). Simply mix one table spoon of Barley powder with one half of a teaspoon of lime juice and one full teaspoon of honey to create a paste you’ll apply to your critical areas at least three times per week. Let the mixture sit for about half an hour then rinse it off gently. Simple, huh? Well, I’m going to try it myself and I’m hoping it really works!

Have you heard of any other interesting hair removal procedures or new ways to reduce hair growth? And what do you think about these I’ve listed above?

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Love these! There aren't a lot of posts on hair removal on AWS. BTW, have you heard of an eplilator, I like using Bruan.

I know it sounds weird, but for the past few years I have been tweezing my legs hairs just when I'll be watching TV and I hardly grow any hair any more! Great for my legs, but I also over tweezed my eye brows when I was younger and those have been a struggle to grow back. So I say yes to tweezing!

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