9 Tips for Dealing with Frizzy Hair ...


9 Tips for Dealing with Frizzy Hair ...
9 Tips for Dealing with Frizzy Hair ...

Tips for frizzy hair I’m going to mention today will help you get your unruly curls in check, tame frizzy hair or simply frizzy bits and enjoy a good hair day every day, 7 days a week, each week, month and year! Sounds good? Well, check these 9 frizzy hair tips and I’m sure you’ll discover a few you didn’t know about:

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Enjoy a Cool Splash

One of the best tips for frizzy hair I’ve heard lately is to finish your wash with a cold splash! It might not be very comfortable option during the winter but it will surely wake you up and even reduce the usual frizz! Believe it or not, a cold splash actually smooths out cuticles, making hair strands less poufy and much shinier!


Lock & Seal

Controlling frizzy hair is much easier once you know exactly what causes that unwanted frizz! Now, I’m sure we’ve figured it out by now – Raised cuticles plus humidity plus the lack of moisture equals hair that’s all over the place! Invest in a good moisturizing product to nourish the hair from inside and finish off by applying a serum that will coat your frizz-prone strands and prevent the humid-environment-induced surprises.


Comb – Don’t Brush

Frizz-prone curly or wavy hair looks even worst when damaged and the best way to damage it is, of course, brushing on daily basis! Get a wide-toothed comb you’ll use to distribute your conditioner evenly and detangle each morning. Don’t comb your locks too much, though, because you might ruin them.



Prepping your hair before shampooing by using a natural, homemade mask is actually a great way to tame frizzy hair and give it that moisture and elasticity it needs! I often use castor oil and it works like a charm but you may also mix one egg, mayonnaise and olive oil and give this treatment a shot as well!



Next on my list of tips for frizzy hair would be to give your frizzy waves some texture. You can use a curling iron, hot or regular rollers, flexi rods, twist them around your finger while still wet or eve get a very mild 5 minute perm that won’t damage your hair or change your curl pattern but enhance it instead. This last is the most hassle-free way to make sure your hair stays perfect each day and every day although you must find a skilled hairstylist who a) uses professional products based on mild fruit acids and b) knows how to work with your hair type and only enhance the pattern that is already there without altering it.


Use the Right Products

No hairstyle is so low-maintenance that you don’t have to put ANYTHING to get your hair to look perfect! I’ve realized that quite recently and finally decided to stop obsessing about my unruly locks and focus on finding the products that will help them look their best. Find the anti-frizz cream and serum that work for you and, believe me, your life will be much easier!



Want more frizzy hair tips? Well, here’s something all of you curly girls might already know – wavy or curly hair looks best when diffused rather than simply dried and, although this method is a bit time-consuming when compared to standard blow-drying, the results are definitely much better. And guess what? You can make them even better by switching your hairdryer to a «cold» setting!


Say No to Towel-Drying

Rubbing a towel over your frizz-prone hair is a big no-no if you want it to look nice and smooth once it’s completely dry! As fast and effective as it is, this method will only mess up your cuticles even further and cause your hair to pouf even more. Now, that’s definitely not something you want if controlling frizzy hair is one of your goals – right? Pat your hair gently instead and you’ll be able to see the difference right away!


Say «YES» to Hot Oils

And the last on my list of tips for frizzy hair is to definitely give hot oils a shot! Simply use them weekly or biweekly to «feed» your dry strands and reduce their porosity. It’s quite easy plus budget-friendly because there is a number of hot oil treatments out there to choose from and not a single reason not to do this at home!

Go ahead, give these tips for frizzy hair a shot and definitely let me know which ones worked best for you and helped you tame frizzy hair that’s been giving you troubles all this time!

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use an old T-shirt instead of a towel to dry your curly hair- it really works!

Mask before you wash ??? Is that right??

what happened to #8?

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