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7 Fantastic Tutorials for a Perfectly Chic Faux Mohawk ...

By Jelena

Faux mohawk tutorials are exactly where we’re at today and for a good reason, too! A faux mohawk up do is trendy, chic, radical and a total must if you like to experiment with your hair, plus an ideal way to style hair of any texture or length. It will allow you to go glam, go fierce of keep your aura of femininity and you can even do a different version of it whenever you want to update you look! And in case you’re wondering how to make a faux mohawk at this very moment, you should definitely check out the following videos:

1 Feminine Faux Mohawk Tutorial

Super romantic, super feminine and oh so chic, this first on my list of faux mohawk tutorials is perfect for all of you girly-girls out there hoping for a way to rock this trendy and usually quite fierce up do despite the fact it’s so not like anything you’ve worn before. Give it a go – I know you’ll like it!

2 Chic Messy Hawk

Perfect for long to medium length hair, this faux mohawk up do might be more of your cup of tea in case you’re a trendy, urban babe! Perfect for parties and photo shoots – if you happen to be a fashion blogger I suggest you wear it with your favorite studded west, an ultra chic pair of sunglasses and a lot of that extra popular spiked or studded bracelets.

3 Fierce Rock Chic Faux Hawk

Looking for a perfect party up do for your short to medium hair? Well, I’ve got an amazing style for your right here! Give it a shot in case the shock and awe are practically your middle name and you’re in the market for a new fierce hairstyle to update your look with. Totally cool – isn’t it?

4 Sleek Classy Faux Mohawk Tutorial

Speaking about must check out faux mohawk tutorials, here’s an easy to do style to help you look your best for a super glam event. This refined, elegant version of this usually quite radical style will flatter your long to medium super-sleek tresses, beautiful face and enthralling eyes helping you steal the spotlight like a true diva!

5 Super Chic Mohawk for Super Curly Hair

Think no faux mohawk tutorial could ever help you wear your super curly hair this way? Well, guess again! Or, even better, don’t waste your time guessing but check out this amazing faux mohawk tutorial instead and learn how to make this amazing, super glam hawk and turn your old twist out into a fabulous style to rock this weekend!

6 Quick Glamorous Hawk for Thin Hair

Oh-la-la! Can you seriously say this faux mohawk up do isn’t hot-hot-hot and really, truly mean it? Guess not! A cool, eye-catching twist at front will definitely make your hair look super fab, like you’ve tried a lot while the rest of the style is basically a simple, 2 second ponytail any girl can do with her eyes closed! A real piece of cake that will make you look like million bucks – who could say no to that!

7 Classic Faux Hawk for Short Natural Hair

Ideal for short to medium hair, this last on my list of faux mohawk tutorials is a totally hassle-free way to style your naturally super curly tresses in a totally trendy way! Give it a shot or use your imagination to update and perfect the look and do have fun rocking this classic hawk version!

Which one of these faux mohawk tutorials are you going to bookmark and use these days and is there a special faux mohawk up do you’re going for? A celebrity style, perhaps? Do tell!

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