11 Kinds of Bangs and Ways to Rock Them ...

There are tons of kinds of bangs out there to choose from. Whether you are looking for bangs to frame your face or you just want something different, it is important to choose the kinds of bangs that really work for your face! So ladies, with that said, I've got the top kinds of bangs you can get and how you can rock them out. These are also some of the most popular kinds of bangs that are being worn by all of the celebs!

1. Sleek Side-Swept Bangs

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Side-swept bangs are absolutely one of the best kinds of bangs that you can do so much with! Whether you are looking to just add some different layers to your hair, or you just want something different, side-swept bangs are easy to maintain and you can style them anyway! These are bangs that look great pinned back, braided and are typically long enough that you can wear them without feeling like they are weighing you down.

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