7 Fantastic Celebrity Hairstyles to "Steal" in Fall 2012 ...


7 Fantastic Celebrity Hairstyles to "Steal" in Fall 2012 ...
7 Fantastic Celebrity Hairstyles to "Steal" in Fall 2012 ...

Celebrity hairstyles for fall 2012 are proving to be quite trendy, chic and oh-so-wearable! In fact, if every third famous lady decided to keep her summer do, we’d have one awesomely chic rainy season! But let’s take a look at some of the best celebrity hairstyles in 2012 so far – shall we? And in case some of you ladies are torn between a few celebrity inspired hairstyles, this list of looks magazines adore ought to help you decide:

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Nicole Richie’s Feminine Bob

Nicole Richie’s Feminine Bob Nicole’s new wispy bob is one of the hottest celebrity hairstyles for fall 2012, according to Allure, and a perfect one to go for in case you want to trim your longish tresses down but hope to keep that aura of femininity as well. A perfect fusion of trendiness, playfulness and sophisticated chic, Nicole’s cut and hair color are perfect for women all ages and a fantastic choice for sure!


Amanda Seyfried Long Bouncy Curls


Don’t feel like chopping off your precious length? No problem! Hair experts at Harper’s Bazaar absolutely adore Amanda Seyfriend long, layered hair along with all the both fun and glam things that can be done with it! Emulate it if you think this is the best celebrity hairstyle in 2012 and don’t worry – it’s a perfect yet subtle change that won’t take a lot of getting used to. Ask your hairstylist to cut a few layers then use large rollers to obtain those big, lush locks.


Michelle Williams's Cute Pixie Cut

Michelle Williams's Cute Pixie Cut Everyone loves a cute pixie and the editorial staff of Allure isn’t an exception to that rule! They’ve even interviewed a couple of celebrity stylists to determine which celebrity inspired hairstyles are the most sought after and guess what? Michelle’s casual, girly pixie is so on the list! Emulate it in case you’re easygoing and fun and want a drastic change that puts your face instead of your hair into focus.


Jordin Sparks’s Red Ombre

Jordin Sparks’s Red Ombre Who says your ombre has to be caramel or blonde! In fact, the colorful the better! Folks at InStyle absolutely love Jordin Sparks’ deep red ombre and, quite honestly, I think it’s pretty awesome too! Do it in case you think ombre is one of the best celebrity hairstyles for fall 2012 yet feel like the blonde ends are too generic and blue ones a bit too much for your taste.


Cara Delevingne's Classy Ballet Bun

Cara Delevingne's Classy Ballet Bun In case cutting and dying are not something you want to be subjected to this fall, regardless of how many best celebrity hairstyles in 2012 I choose to suggest here, you can definitely give Cara’s wispy, romantically chic ballet bun a go! Hair experts at Glamour Magazine seem to think Serpentine Gallery Summer Party hasn’t seen a better style this year and that, my ladies, definitely speaks volumes!


Emily Blunt’s Side Swept Romantic up-do

Emily Blunt’s Side Swept Romantic up-do There is another cool style folks at Glamour are incredibly fond of and, given how gorgeous it is, I can’t but admit it’s the best celebrity hairstyle for fall 2012 all of you girls with longish hair should check out! Go with a deep side part for this one, picking your hair up in a loose side swept bun and be sure to use a curling iron to style your bags before you pin them loosely to achieve a romantic, artfully disheveled, face-framing look!


Sandra Bullock’s Sleek Tresses

Sandra Bullock’s Sleek Tresses Celebrity stylist Mark Townsend and Harper’s Bazaar advise extra care when it comes to long, sleek styles pointing out that bed head shouldn’t be on your list of trending stuff anymore. One of the best celebrity hairstyle for fall 2012 all girls with pin straight long hair need to take into consideration is, therefore, the look Sandra Bullock has mastered a long time ago and still uses to shock and awe wherever she goes. Get your shine serums ready, ladies because sleek just doesn’t cut it anymore and super-sleek is the right and only way to go!

Are there any other great celebrity hairstyles for fall 2012 that I haven’t mentioned or a particularly awesome style you like and consider perfect for the upcoming season? Do share your fave celebrity inspired hairstyles, ladies and tell me which popular do’s do you heart!

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