7 Beach Ready Hairstyles to Try This Summer ...


7 Beach Ready Hairstyles to Try This Summer ...
7 Beach Ready Hairstyles to Try This Summer ...

Beach ready hair… Now how many times have we read that in a magazine thinking, “Oh, finally something cute and hassle free I can see myself wearing this summer”? Then you flip the page and realize you’ll need a curling iron, a hairspray and an awful lot of time to make it happen! Well, I really think that a beach hairstyle needs to be simple to create and involve the least amount of heat and styling products possible so I’m posting a few video tutorials that ought to help you rock a few wonderful, cute, sexy beach hairstyles that don’t require long styling sessions, a truckload of products or heat! Enjoy!

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Rope Braid Beach Hairstyle

Braided hairstyles are a huge hit this season and that means you should definitely take them into account when trying to put together a list of hairstyles you’ll want to rock during the holidays. And since beach ready hair needs to look cute while enabling you to enjoy your time at the beach with all the swimming and sporty activities that follow, I’d say this is the perfect style to go for!


Cute and Easy Summer Updo

A messy bun is always trendy, a cool headband always a welcomed summer accessory but put these two together and you’ll get a fabulous updo that’s going to make your time spend on and around the beach twice as stylish! Give it a shot! It’s very simple to do, looks way nicer than a ponytail and will prove to be your best friend even in case you prefer beach volley and swimming to sitting in the shade like a pretty little princess with a magazine in one hand and an iced drink in the other.


Princess Braided Hairstyle

And speaking about pretty princesses – here’s a hairstyle fit for one! Can you believe something this elaborate can actually be oh-so-easy to do? Awesome, isn’t it? And a perfect way to get your long hair away from your face, neck and shoulders as well!


Head Scarf Beach Hairstyle

Not every procedure for ensuring beach ready hair needs to involve styling, braiding and whatnot so the next time wish to show up looking great and you don’t have time to deal with your hair, opt for a chic head scarf and wrap it like this! It will give your look a hint of that exotic, chic, super-model-like glam plus it’s a great way to protect your hair in case you don’t have your favorite SPF product at hand.


Bohemian Braided Beach Hairstyle

Next on my list of super-cute yet quite low maintenance beach hairstyles is this fantastic boho/milk maid look you’ve probably seen on the red carpet before! Celebrities love it, there’s no doubt about that, and I’m sure you’ll love it too! So have fun recreating this look, coming up with different ways to accessorize it and don’t forget to let me know how it turned out!


Braided Scarf Bun

Want more stylish ideas? Well, here’s one you’re definitely going to love! Hop into your favorite bathing suit, don a light, gauzy, beach dress and you’ll look like million bucks both on and off the beach! The hairstyle alone is so nice that you won’t need any other accessories plus it’s just as comfortable, easy-going and hassle free as a regular bun…only much more interesting!


Wrapped Ponytail

In case you love your ponytails too much to even consider parting with them during the holidays, you’ll definitely want to check out this last video tutorial that explains how to have gorgeous beach ready hair by simply upgrading your good old pony! Awesome! I’ll definitely give it a shot!

How much effort are you going to put into having beach ready hair this summer and which one of these awesome beach hairstyles are you going to “take” with you on holidays? I’m definitely going to have plenty of time to try them all and I’m hoping a couple of easy solutions such as these are going to help me forget my boring bun-ponytail-ponytail-bun beach routine!

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