8 Video Tutorials from Professional Hair Stylists ...


8 Video Tutorials from Professional Hair Stylists ...
8 Video Tutorials from Professional Hair Stylists ...

Professional hair stylist tutorials are my most favorite source of easy tips, tricks and hair-related wisdom I wouldn’t normally notice or learn on my visits to the hair salon. Now, it is true that some hair stylists aren’t so keen on trading their secrets, and the fact that no stylist on this earth would ever accept revealing all of his secrets does ring even truer, yet with so many professional hair tips to learn here and there, I doubt any girl would have a serious problem doing her own hair like a pro, without the high costs and, most importantly, without the need to brew a truth serum or go all FBI on her dear stylist. So? What are you waiting for? Check out these amazing videos to find a super-useful, unseen so far, pro stylist hair tutorial or few:

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Pro Tips on Blowdrying

The first on my list of professional hair stylist tutorials I think you should check out is this cool collection of start-to-finish tips that will help you transform your thin, silky hair that often tends to fall flat into a beautiful, voluminous mane that’s just as silky and picture perfect! Celebrity stylist Michael Van Clarke definitely knows what he’s doing and having used this technique many times on my mom, I can definitely say it works like a charm.


Professional Hair Tips on Making the Most out of Your Hair Mask

My next pro stylist tutorial is a short one yet it summarizes all the stuff we’ve been talking about quite beautifully! L’oreal’s stylist Eric Del Monaco reveals a few great secrets on how to get the most out of your nourishing masks including an extra tip on how to avoid greasy, over-saturated roots in case your hair is a bit on the oily side. Oh, and some of you guys asked why we always advise wrapping hair in a towel and is it really necessary so here’s a chance to hear the same tip for a pro along with an explanation why this technique is advised.


A Few Basic Pro Tips for Hot Weather

The bell has been sounded and that means only one thing – next round of our never-ending battle with hot weather has begun! Luckily, Pantene’s stylist Michael Dueñas has a few great, amazingly simple tips to share helping you ladies be the one to strike the last blow! The video is short and sweet with just a few simplest ideas on how to treat and style your hair this summer so take a peek, scroll down for more professional hair tips and don’t forget to check out a few more fantastic hair posts to get more ideas on how to play up a classic bun or ponytail, which summer hairstyles to opt for and how to care for your hair the right way in order to get the most out of your hair texture!


Pro Tips for Putting in Rollers

Time for a slightly longer, more detailed tutorial, my dears and the next on my list of professional hair stylist tutorials is definitely something you must take a peek at! Why? Because rollers can be a double edged sword and failing to put them in correctly usually turns into a last-minute catastrophe. Garnier’s stylist Caile Noble knows the right way to do it and he’s ready to share! Yippee! Now, don’t you think his last name suits him perfectly?


Aveda Hair Straightening Tutorial

Next round of professional hair tips is for all of you ladies complaining of frizzy, curly hair that refuses to stay straight longer than a few short hours! Now, I don’t know if you’ve tried Aveda straightening products before but this set certainly looks like it gets the job done plus there’s a really detailed step-by-step instruction on how to apply as well as how to blow dry for those perfectly smooth, long lasting results.


Sam Villa’s Tips for Perfect Fringe

Caught yourself thinking about Kim Kardashian’s luscious, sexy, much talked about fringe? Can’t blame you for that because, although a full fringe might not be a perfect choice for the summer, this particular one sure is fascinating! Well, guess what! Here’s a great pro stylist hair tutorial to help you cut it yourself, just in case you decide this fantastic hairstyle update is worth the extra styling!


Sam Villa’s Tips for a DIY Bob

I love this guy! Isn’t it amazing…the fact that he makes even the most complicated-looking cutting procedures look so simple! A super trendy bob cut, for example, now that sure takes a lot of guts and I’m sure most of you ladies would say it’s not something anyone wants to attempt doing at home yet, if you already own a set of amazing cutting shears and you’re used to doing your own hair, this might be a perfect one to learn next. Ah, don’t you just love professional hair stylist tutorials?


Style United Tips for Frizz Control

Humidity is a girl’s worst enemy but did you know it can be turned into an ally as well? Take a look at a few expert tips from Mitch Stone, explaining how to make humidity work for you and turn that frizzy, shapeless style no girl is ever happy with into a sexy, no-heat wave! Bun, braid and scrunch technique are indeed the most basic ones but hey, what could be better for summer then a few easy ways to ensure a perfect style!

Aren’t these professional hairstylist tutorials just great? Now, I’m sure some of these tips haven’t been that big of a secret for you to begin with although I’m also sure you’ve managed to pick up some new professional hair tips as well! So, tell me, which new-found techniques, tips and tricks are you dying to try out?

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