13 Fantastic Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair ...


13 Fantastic Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair ...
13 Fantastic Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair ...

Just because you don't have long, luscious locks doesn't mean you can't rock some fantastic braided hairstyles! Medium length hair is such a perfect balance between long and short hair; it's short enough to be low maintenence, but long enough so you can try different styles in it. Check out this fabulous braided hairstyles that work great with medium length hair!

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Waterfall Braid

In case you though there are no such things as braided hairstyles for medium length hair this interesting video will definitely prove you wrong! Super cute and incredibly stylish, a waterfall braid style might be a bit harder to do but it attracts a lot of attention and will definitely prove to be a perfect style for school, first date or casual outing with friends. Opt for it in case you’re not into up do’s and love showing off your shiny mane and be prepared to receive a lot of compliments as it will help draw attention to your gorgeous face and eyes!


Chic Boho Updo

This girl is absolutely brilliant! But seriously, how does she come up with all of these amazing hairstyles?! Take a look at this girly, chic boho inspired updo and do share your thoughts! I love it – it’s perfect for summer and will help you style your medium long tresses and look absolutely amazing in both day and evening occasions!


70’s Inspired

Classic, much-loved style with a modern twist – this tutorial is perfect for all of you ladies who absolutely love straight hair and enjoy showing off your length! Two wraparound braids really give this classic, slightly retro style a hint of something extra, allowing you to rock your length and a pouf without appearing costumey! Do remember to bring an extra pin or few, though- coiling your length into a small, low bun is all you’ll need to do in order to turn your cute day look into a glam updo!


Milkmaid Braid

Next on my list of must-see hairstyles for medium length hair is a trendy, popular, super-cute celebrity hairstyle every girl should experiment with this season! And when I say “every girl”, I really mean EVERY girl – even ones with medium to short hair! Sounds impossible? Not according to this video!


Rope Braid Updo

Talking about interesting styles you can pull off even if you don’t have hair that could put Rapunzel’s length to shame – what about rope braids? Plait your strands tightly for a more structured look and a fantastic face-framing effect or do them loosely in case you’re going for a more voluminous, romantic look. Check out this video for a step-by-step instruction on how to create one of many interesting rope braided hair do’s and do keep experimenting, of course!


Braided Hairstyle with a Ponytail

Give your long to mid-length tresses a makeover and be the first in your area to rock this truly amazing style! It might seem like a really difficult one at first but give it a try and you’ll notice no impressive braiding skills are needed. It’s super cool not to mention a perfect solution for keeping your hair looking great while being conveniently pulled away from the face!


Side Braid

Want more hairstyles for medium length hair? Well, here’s one all of you ladies with short to medium hair will absolutely adore! Go asymmetric, stay chic and don’t give up on braids even if your hair isn’t long enough to allow all of those elaborate braided up dos!


French Braid Updo

This look is elegant, intricate, and stunning! Not to mention the fact that it's perfect for medium length hair! This look is great for the summertime when you want your hair in a braid, and off of your neck so you don't sweat! But it's also ideal for a night out to a nice restaruant, or even a wedding! Dress it up or dress it down, it's all up to you!


Dutch Braid

This style is perfect for those of you with medium-short hair. This hairstyle is relatively easy to achieve, but looks like a work of art! It's basically a reverse French braid that you're sure to love!


Around the World Braid

This braid looks like a halo all around your head! It's so simple, yet so beautiful! You can achieve it relatively easily, and, luckily for you, it's perfect for medium-short hair! If you're looking for a braiding updo you know you'll love and can achieve within a few minutes in the morning, this is the style for you! Plus, it's practically guarenteed to last all day long! Just make sure you have plenty of bobby pins on hand when creating this look!


Mohawk Braid Pony

I think this style looks great for when you’re about to hit the gym or go for a run! It’s sporty and spunky, and can easily be achieved on any length of hair! Check out this video for several awesome workout styles!


Headband Braid

The headband braid is one of my favorite go-to looks! Lucky for you, this video has four different ways you can wear a braided headband! No matter which style you choose, you’ll look fabulous! This looks amazing on short-medium to medium-long hair! It’s sweet, simple, and adorable!


Four-Strand Ribbon Braid

Last but definitely not the least – this interesting hairstyle looks great, isn’t difficult to pull off, will help you tame your hair in a stylish way and is a perfect one to try in case you’re looking for budget-friendly ways to incorporate popular trends into your outfit! Go for neon ribbons in case you want them to stand out against your bronzed skin or turn to pastel colors in case cotton candy inspired fashion is more to your taste!

Which one of these hairstyles for medium length hair are you going to wear this weekend? I’m definitely going to give the second braided hairstyle a go ASAP!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Sabrina Yates.

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My hair is about Bottom of the shoulder blade length and I do these all the time because I have shorter layers, and I loooovvvveeee them. (: tip: if you have wavy-er natural hair, then do them when your hair is natural. It helps the shorter hairs in the braid not slip. I found out my natural hair in a braid stays longer than my starightened hair in a braid.

This article breaks my heart because most of the hair styles are actually for long hair. I'm not talking hippie, bottom of the rib cage and down hair, but hair that, if you go to a salon and look in a professionals book, is considered long. I have short/medium length hair and would LOVE to see some tips for hair that aren't for longer tresses.

i wonder if these work on shoulder-length hair....

This is awesome!!! I love braided hairstyles but have had problems finding ones suitable for medium length hair. Will definitely try some of these.

Live it: 8 Fantastic Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair ... (via Twitter)

NONE of these 'medium/short' hairstyle ideas work for my hair length. im growing mine out and its currently at my shoulders. My hair is VERY straight and id love to find something that will work....

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