7 Quickie Hairstyles for Short to Medium Hair ...

By Jelena

7 Quickie Hairstyles for Short to Medium Hair ...

Doable quick hairstyles, or so-called “quickies,” have become a must these days! Makes sense when you think of it, as we’re always trying to look our best in the least amount of time possible! Nice hairstyles for short hair are, unfortunately, hard to come by, which can make maintenance of short to medium hair much harder and… well…a bit uninspiring, I guess! No need to start second-guessing your decision to go short just yet, as I have a couple of cool videos on hairstyles and up dos for short hair you just have to see.

1 Curly up do for Short Hair

Wondering how to style your naturally curly short bob or put yesterday’s remaining curls to good use? Well, this is just one of those “do quickly hairstyles” you wouldn’t want to miss! It’s super cute, totally girly and quite doable even if you don’t have more than 10 minutes to spare! Give it a go and tell me what you think!

2 Amazing Braided up do for Medium Hair

Now, I know finding interesting up dos for shoulder length hair can be just as hard as finding creative hairstyles for short hair, which is why I simply had to show you this one! It looks great, makes your hair appear much longer than it actually is and yet…no need to “imagine” or “attempt” anything, as the maker of this cool tutorial actually has shoulder length hair, too! See? Told you there are some nice videos out there that don’t involve girls with super long hair who make occasional comments about how “this may work for shorter hair as well.”

3 Tons of Interesting Hairstyles for Short Hair

When they need to be done quickly, hairstyles for short hair just may prove too difficult to even consider attempting! Luckily, this girl has a lot of cool ideas to help you look good for school, work or just every day! Not all of them are great, at least in my opinion, but there are at least a few totally doable, braided, cool looks you’re definitely going to love. Take a peek!

4 Edgy Style for Really Short Hair

Sponsored videos usually suck but there are always those that really can teach you something in addition to advertising the product you may or may not choose to use! And this one definitely fits that description! Going from sleek to edgy does require more than 5 minutes but, hey, the shorter the hair is, the easier and faster it dries! And that, my ladies, instantly puts this amazing style into the “under 30 minutes” category of hairstyles you've simply got to check out!

5 Wedding up Dos for Short Hair

Speaking about sponsored videos…you wouldn’t mind another one, would you? Hope not, especially when it’s as cool and helpful as this one! These two special occasion romantic hairstyles will be a real piece of cake if you already have curly hair. It's also a totally great way to spend 30 minutes of your life in case you need to pre-curl. Sure you’ll love them one way or the other, so enjoy and have fun being your own stylist!

6 A Few Interesting do Quickly Hairstyles for a Pixie Cut

How versatile is a Pixie? Well, quite versatile, as you can see! All of these hairstyles are very chic, totally trendy and incredibly easy to do, not to mention a perfect solution for days in which you just can’t afford to dilly-dally in front of the mirror. You'll never again have to wait for the hair-fairy to come and fix your hair for you!

7 Bow Tails for Short Hair

Last on my list of cute hairstyles for short hair is this interesting idea you should consider even if you’re not a school girl anymore! Now, isn’t this a nice little trick to help make your longer pixie or short bob more interesting? I’d definitely go for it!

See? There are lots of amazing cute hairstyles for short hair out there! There are lots of quickie hairstyles too, anytime you're in a hurry. Is there a special hairstyle for short hair you just can’t wait to try and which of these do it quickly hairstyles is your favorite?

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Omg !!! I love this. I chopped all my hair off and have no clue how to style short hair now that its growing back. Thank you so much ❤

Thank-you soo much for this post! My hair grows extremely slow so I've had the same short bob haircut for 3 years. This really helps

The bow tail is so cute!

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