7 Ideas for Last Minute Party Hairstyles for Long Hair ...

By Jelena

7 Ideas for Last Minute Party Hairstyles for Long Hair ...

Party hairstyles for long hair do not have to involve hours of styling, tons of hair products and massive amount of hair damage. Furthermore, they don’t have to be complicated to look good and don’t have to be simple-looking at all. Yup, ladies, an easy hairstyle for long hair really does exist and is something you are more than welcome to try. Check out these tutorials below and you’ll find out exactly how to get glamorous party hair without the extra hassle glamorous looks for long hair are known for.

1 Glamorous Yet Easy Hairstyle for Long Hair

This first on my list of party hairstyles for long hair will definitely help you pull off a special occasion or a party look in less than 10 minutes! How cool is that! This style looks especially good if your hair is naturally wavy or has been pre-curled which, of course, not only makes it easy to do but absolutely fantastic for those days when your hair refuses to look good on its own! And oh, if you've wondered how to style day old curls (or curls gone wrong), you've got your answer right here.

2 Celebrity Inspired Messy Braid

Wondering how to style your unruly, wavy tresses and score perfectly glamorous party hair in just a couple of minutes? Well, this is the right tutorial for you! We all know how trendy braids really are and the fact that you can wear this with any outfit just makes the choice even easier! Give it a shot, I’m sure everyone will love your style!

3 Rihanna Inspired Hair Tutorial

Trendy and sexy, this amazing party hairstyle for long hair is a must try! Perfect if your hair is straight, really long and often a burden you’re not really sure how to control. Worry not, as this interesting hairstyle will definitely help you take care of it in record-breaking time, ensuring a cool, easy to wear look every time!

4 Loop-sided Ponytail Hairstyle

A totally uncomplicated way to create a very complicated-looking style! Don’t you just love those? I certainly do! So romantic, girly and cute, this is one of those party hairstyles for long hair you can pull out at the last moment, or if you decide to completely change your outfit and go for a cute dress instead of jeans and top.

5 Trendy Rock Ponytail for Long Layered Hair

Having lots of layers often means having lots of problems to style hair! Well, not with this cool party hairstyle for long hair! Layers are actually your friend this time as they will create this interesting cascading effect, making a style that’s both simple and easy to do look absolutely awesome! Give it a shot and see for yourself.

6 2 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Want glamorous party hair that still leaves you enough time to focus on your attire, accessories and makeup? Well, then you must check out this hair tutorial! Lilith’s stuff is always the best, I know. Plus all of the hairstyles look super-complicated without actually being such. Try both looks, see what looks best on you and remember – have a couple of bobby pins at hand just in case you decide to switch from a pony to a bun on the go.

7 Big Boho Braid

Is you long, thick hair giving you troubles? Well, time to put all that length and volume to a good use! This last on my list of tutorials on amazing party hairstyles for long hair will teach you how to do so, making your party and special occasion hairstyle choices much simpler. Enjoy!

Aren’t these party hairstyles for long hair amazing? Now, what I really want to know is which one is your favorite! Take a look, try them out and do let me know which ones have been the easiest to do or have managed to help you rock glamorous party hair and get tons of compliments.

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love it thanks:)

:( I want to try these but I have short hair

Great!! Can we get some for shoulder length?

I love #5 but I have shorter hair so I wouldn't be able to use it. :'(

My hair is twice as long... loving these :) (also very busy mom.. :))

These r so beautiful I'm going to start practicing

Don't forget the hair bow! It's great for medium and long hair and it surprisingly takes under 5 minutes, just pull your hair into a really high ponytail off to one side, and pull it almost all the way through the elastic, then part it in half to look like a bow and bobby pin it down, add some hair spray if you want.

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