7 Reasons to Get Ombre Hair ...

By Jelena

7 Reasons to Get Ombre Hair ...

The reasons to get Ombre hair you’re about to read should convince you to give this style a go, proving that the wow factor isn’t the only benefit you can expect should you decide to become one of many stylish ladies rocking Ombre hair dye. But, I won’t let you settle for just the simplest reasons to get Ombre hair, and two or three shouldn’t cut it either. So, how about seven? Now that sounds like a good list of reasons, doesn’t it? Well, that’s one more reason to take a peek.

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Because It’s Trendy

Even more popular than Jennifer Aniston’s streaks used to be in the '90s, Ombre certainly is a hairstyle to go for if you’re into trends and fashion. Celebrities love it, bloggers love it, hairstylists love it, magazine editors as well – it’s a foolproof way to ensure a trendy look! Furthermore, if you’re trying to find at least a few reasons to get Ombre hair, this one probably isn’t something you’ll want to dismiss easily.


Because It’s Low Maintenance

It’s perfectly imperfect and made to look like a seriously overgrown dye-job in its final stages. You get to keep your roots and mid-length, with the ends being the only sections to receive a shot of color. The bottom line? No roots to require a touch-up this time next month because duh – they should remain the way they are.


Because It’s Easy to do at Home

Want another great reason to get Ombre hair? Well, unlike most other trendy looks and even basic dye jobs, Ombre is super-easy to do at home! I’m not going to go into details here because you’ll get to read about it in another post (stay on the lookout, I have videos to show you as well), but here’s the unusual bit: I’ve heard girls complaining about a streaky-anything-but-Ombre “Ombre” they’ve gotten from unknowledgeable stylists, yet most of the girls who did it as a fun, let’s-see-what-happens-if-I-do-this DIY ended up with a gorgeous style.


Because It’s Different

It’s not a full dye job, yet it's much different than highlights too; it’s more glamorous than dip dye, but more “street” than soft seamless Balayage. The Ombre hair dye technique is simply unique, made for girls who don’t mind standing out and a perfect choice if you like to experiment on your hair.


Because It Doesn’t Cause Too Much Damage

Hair dyes do damage no matter how you look at it, and bleach and light dyes are hands down the worst of all. But dry, brittle hair isn’t the only downside of using harsh chemicals, oh no! Let’s not forget that you’re putting them on your scalp as well, which can ultimately affect hair growth and even damage the skin on your scalp. Ombre, on the other hand, allows you to get an interesting and, most importantly, dramatic change without having to risk all that damage. Your ends may sustain some amount of damage (especially if you’re going for a big contrast), but your roots and mid-length will remain intact. And since ends are pretty much the most disposable part of your hair, sacrificing them for the sake of style and good looks shouldn’t be so hard to do.

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Because It’s Easy to Transition from

The biggest problem with any new hair color or style is the fact that once you do it, going back to your old look isn’t at all easy. Ombre techniques let you have your fun, dramatic change without dozens of what-ifs! Once you decide you don’t want it anymore, all you have to do is chop the ends off or dye them back into your natural color. Great reason to get Ombre hair, isn’t it?


Because It Allows Creativity

But Ombre is way more than just a fierce, unusual, street fashion look! It can be subtle and glamorous too, and there is no rule that says that light blonde is the only color you get to use. You can experiment with red or caramel tones as well as a lighter version of your natural hair color, or ask your stylist to combine Balayage and Ombre for a totally unique look. One thing is for sure, this trend is perfect for experimenting…so, experiment!

What are your thoughts on Ombre hair dye? Yay or nay? I’d definitely go with yay! Furthermore, if I ever decide to start dyeing my hair again, a light, subtle Ombre will be my first choice!

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I had a reverse ombré using red and purple.

Have dark brown hair and made an appointment to get light blonde ombre! Time for change

Can't wait for the DIY post!

@Jade as I said it my comment, you should try hair chalk. They sell them at drugstores, they're easy to use, and wash out if you're unhappy with the reaults

i love this color!! <3

This is totally awesome!!(: can't wait to dye my hair ombré

I love chalking my hair! You can change the color whenever you want. Also, if you hot iron it, you can get it to stay for a little longer.