7 Gorgeous Red Carpet Inspired Updos to Try ...


7 Gorgeous Red Carpet Inspired Updos to Try ...
7 Gorgeous Red Carpet Inspired Updos to Try ...

I have totally fallen in love with red carpet inspired updos. Not only are they so much fun to do, but it’s a unique look and it really puts me in the mood for Spring – keeping your hair off your face is vital to staying calm and cool, and what better way than to rock the latest catwalk trends? Here’s the red carpet inspired updos I’ll be trying to master over the coming weeks…

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Glamor Meets Wet Look…

Glamor Meets Wet Look… Two of the biggest looks of the season are wet look hair and retro vintage styles. There aren’t many red carpet inspired updos that can carry off both looks perfectly, but I’m loving this one! Giorgio Armani teamed a slick side-parting with plenty of wet-look style, pulled back into a classic bun at the back of the head. Striking pastel eyeshadow and nude glossy lips are a great way to wear this look for the daytime, or add a bright red lip to really ramp up the retro.


The New Beehive…

The New Beehive… Plenty of leading ladies have rocked the beehive recently, so it was no surprise to see Marc Jacobs giving it a chic new makeover. You create the look in the same way, adding plenty of volume at the roots, but sweep your hair out the side rather than back. I’ve even been rocking it with a few subtle vintage clips for extra detail. Win.


Bun Fun…

Bun Fun… It’s no wonder that this look is a celebrity favorite – it’s super easy to do, and ideal for those days when you haven’t got much time! Chanel gave the look a modern update by creating a straight center parting, and spraying the hair with a shine boosting spray, before tying into a low slung bun behind the neck. It’s a great look for wearing with statement makeup, as it’s chic without being too bold.


Retro Bows…

Retro Bows… Rihanna isn’t the only one who loves hair accessories – from scarfs to headbands and embellished grips, they are all over the catwalk! For an off-duty style, loosely tie a colorful scarf through your hair a la RiRi. When you need a more together style, this Louis Vuitton look is perfect. Create a small classic beehive, keep your parting clear, and add a big retro bow on a satin headband. It’s perfect for day-old hair!


Bouncy Ponytails…

Bouncy Ponytails… Fed up of pulling your hair back into a standard ponytail?! I don’t blame you – which is why I’m aiming to use Reese Witherspoon’s retro style instead. I love everything from the backcombed fringe to the big volume, and her smoky eye and nude lip finish the look perfectly. Frederic Fekkai created the look, and recommended treating hair with a volume and texturizing spray, before a smooth finish serum. Then blowdry hair to add volume, using a big brush, and split the hair into two sections. Comb the fringe back, and secure. Curl the bottom of the ponytail to add movement, and secure with plenty of hairspray. Chic!


Reese Witherspoon's retro style is the perfect way to update your standard ponytail. To recreate the look, Frederic Fekkai recommends using a volume and texturizing spray, followed by a smooth finish serum. Blowdry your hair using a big brush to add volume, then split it into two sections. Backcomb the fringe and secure it, then curl the bottom of the ponytail to add movement. Secure with hairspray and you're ready to go!

The retro style is perfect for any occasion, but especially for formal events. It's a great way to show off your hair without looking too overdone. You can also add a few accessories to the look to give it an even more glamorous feel. Try a statement headband or a few sparkly bobby pins for a touch of extra glamour.

This updo is also incredibly easy to maintain. To keep the style looking fresh, use a dry shampoo on the roots of your hair and a light hairspray to keep the curls in place. If you're looking for a bit of extra shine, use a shine serum and gently brush it through your hair.



Texturized… Scarlett Johansson looked gorgeous with this hair, so it’s no surprise to learn that it was created especially for her. Frederic Fekkai wanted to show off the “real Scarlett,” and so opted for a hairdo with plenty of natural movement and texture. Get the look by working a volumizing styling whip through towel-dried hair, before using a hairdryer and round brush to create big, tousled waves. Secure the hair using a grip at the back of the neck, and add more curls with a curling iron. Spray with hairspray, and tease the curls for more volume. Clamp the ends of the hair with a flat iron to create a sleek finish, and ruffle – this look is all about being imperfect yet gorgeous.


Top Knots…

Top Knots… It seems top knots will continue to be one of the biggest red carpet inspired updos this year, so it’s time I learnt to do one properly! Ashlee Simpson rocked a casual topknot for this cute family snap with her sister Jessica, and the adorable Maxwell Drew. While her sister looked gorgeous (pregnancy suits Jess!) and Maxwell was the undeniable star of the show, Ashlee’s topknot showed off her fashion forward nature. It’s a great way to show off your earrings, too!

Will you be trying any of these red carpet inspired updos? I’m very keen to try Reese’s style, which would make a great Spring staple, and today I’m rocking my first ever side-swept beehive. I’ve even started collecting gorgeous strips of fabric and embellished grips, ready to get dressing up my hair. Got any great hairstyle tips? I’d love to hear them!

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I really like the retro pony :) Cute!

Reese Witherspoon's ponytail is so darling!

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