7 Hairstyles to Wear with Hats ...

By Sophia

Finding different hairstyles to wear with hats can be tricky. Hats can be a stylish way to top off your look and there are plenty of different types of hats for you to choose from. From baseball caps to fedoras, all sorts of hats are in fashion right now. However, hats can be quite limiting when it comes to the hairstyles you can wear. There are some ways that you can change up your look so check out these hairstyles to wear with hats.

1 As is

One of the easiest hairstyles to wear with hats is the one you have right now, worn down and loose. No matter if you have long hair or short hair, wavy or straight, a hat can cover up all sorts of hair dramas. The key is choosing the right kind of hat to wear with your hair. Long, thick hair looks great with wide-brimmed hats and fedoras. Short, cropped styles might look better with caps and cloches. Try a few on and see which one suits you best.

2 Loose Waves

Another great hairstyle to wear with hats is loose waves. A few full-bodied waves can give your look a little bit of extra oomph. Curl sections of your hair with a curling iron, run your fingers through to loosen them up, and then fix them in place with some styling product. Pop on your hat, no matter what sort it is, and you’re good to go!

3 Fishtail Braid

Tying your hair back can be tricky when wearing hats. High ponytails are usually out of the question so you’re best sticking to low styles. A fishtail braid worn to the side is one way to wear your hair with hats. It looks especially stylish when worn with caps, beanies, and close-fitting hats. If you don’t know how to do a fishtail braid then a simple side plait will work just as well.

4 Low Chignon

For a polished look, you can’t go past a low chignon or bun. This hairstyle works well with close-fitting and more structured hats. Think of things like riding caps, cloches, and pillbox hats. Wear them low at the back or switch things up by wearing them slightly to one side.

5 Side Swept Bangs

Styling your bangs can be tricky when wearing a hat. Full, straight bangs can be hard to maintain when wearing a hat. If your hat is pushed too low on your forehead it can make them look flat and if your hat is too far back they might go haywire. Sweeping them to one side is one option. You can keep your side swept bangs in place by securing them under your hat.

6 Side Ponytail

A simple side ponytail works well with all sorts of hats, from sporty caps to wide-brimmed fedoras. Wearing a ponytail pulled to the back can give the appearance that there’s no hair under your hat, which is what we want to avoid. Wearing it to the side shows off your locks and balances out the whole hat-wearing thing.

7 Tucked under

If you have long hair, fake people into thinking you have short hair by tucking your hair under your hat. Pull it back into a loose bun and then tuck it up underneath your hat. Pull it out a bit to create that short hair look and leave loose tendrils of hair around your face for a softer finish. This hairstyle works well with fedoras, close fitting hats, and knitted beanies.

If you’re thinking of topping off your look with a hat, these are just some hairstyles to consider. How do you wear your hair under hats? Do you have any other ideas for hairstyles to wear with hats?

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