7 Stylish Hair Color Ideas to Try ...

This spring, I’ve been thinking a good bit about different hair color ideas to try in my beauty routine this summer. I’m not going for anything drastic or trying to look like a rock star, but I am branching out of my traditional blonde summer highlights, which is what I typically go to for a safe, nice change during the warmer seasons. With all of the new hair color ideas that are out this year, I’m enjoying discovering all the varieties that are in style, while still looking sophisticated too. Check these hair color ideas out to get some ideas for a new 'do this summer!

1. All over Beach Blonde Highlights

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This may not seem like one of the most exciting hair color ideas out there, but I like that these golden blonde highlights aren’t the same as the usual bleached blonde look that is so often associated with blonde hair. These highlights are a deep, more caramel like blonde that offer a deeper color hue than other streaky blonde highlights. I especially think this would look great for the beach and other types of summer vacations. Blondes don’t have to have all the fun, but with these pretty locks, how could you not have a blast and feel gorgeous too?

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